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Attack of Half-Truth Harriet

December 16, 2011


I heard a sound in the hallway just now that was both strange and yet oddly reminiscent of something.  I didn’t know of what, at first.  Then, after a frantic rattle at my door, I open it to see Simple Sam. I realize then that the sound was just Simple Sam’s clop-clop slippers negotiating the […]

Simple Sam Gets a Comb-Over

August 30, 2011


Okay, everybody’s here, good.  Today we’re going to tackle a subject that’s important to everybody here, but especially important to our special guest, Simple Sam.  We’ll see why in a moment. “What is this meeting about?” asks Sam.  “And who are all these, um…?” …Bohemian looking types? “One way of putting it.” They’re artists, Sam.  […]

Simple Sam and Arctic Sea Ice Volume

August 15, 2011


Clop-clop.  Clop-clop.  Here comes Simple Sam down the hallway wearing his climate denial slippers.  I promised him butter.  I promised him jam.  I promised to tell him about Arctic sea ice volume.  –Hi, Sam. “Where’s this toast and jam you were promising?” Not so quick, Sam.  Lecture first, toast and jam later. “Toast and jam […]

Roger Goes Away, Simple Sam Returns

July 30, 2011


So, guess what?  Guess who came a-petitioning at my door today?  I never would have thought he’d go out of his way to visit me, without some juicy anti-climate change tidbit to show me, but there he was, Simple Sam on my doorstep, and I swear, friends, he was jealous. “So where is he?” he […]

The Climate Debate: Does It Matter Who’s Talking?

June 27, 2011


In climate, in science, in any principled discussion, you are always obliged to address the argument, Sam. “But you don’t,” says Simple Sam. “The kinds of things you say about some people….” If you can’t address the argument yourself, you should see what the science says, the mainstream science. In climate science that means …. […]

Simple Sam Learns About Climate Alarmism

June 4, 2011


I’ve invited Simple Sam, my friend the crackpot climate change denier around to witness an experiment in my Thought Experiment Chamber. “I don’t care what you say, I’m not going in there,” says Sam. Sam won’t go into my chamber because he found out that, as a fictional character, the experiments actually work on him.  […]

Simple Sam and the Honest Avoidance of Taxes

April 22, 2011


No, no, Sam, you’ve got it all wrong about the carbon tax.  There’s really no need to be all scaredy cat about it.  A carbon tax wouldn’t be there to raise money. Don’t laugh. Yes, I know, I know governments will expect a cut as they always do.  How else are they going to pay […]

Simple Sam and Why Denial Is Not Skepticism

March 7, 2011


Simple Sam says to me, “You should call me Skeptical Sam.” But you’re a crackpot climate denier, Sam, it says so on your business card.  That makes you a believer, Sam, not a skeptic. “I’m a climate skeptic,” says Sam, scrunching up his mouth, a little miffed, I think, “not a climate change denier.” If […]

Simple Sam & the Sinkholes of the Arctic

March 7, 2011


I’m worried about the sinkholes, Sam. “You liberals are hilarious,” Simple Sam says, “you’ll worry about anything.” Correct, Sam.  Along with our valentine elbow patches, every liberal is issued with a special worry kit.  Every worry kit arrives equipped with worry beads, an instruction booklet containing a standard list of liberal worries (just as you […]

Simple Sam & Dr. Lindzen’s Missing Ingredients

February 7, 2011


I asked Simple Sam over for some tea, cake and sarcasm. I told him to bring his clop-clop denial slippers because climate change denial was going to be the subject of the conversation.  And here comes ol’ Clop-Clopalong, now.  — Hi, Sam. “You said there was going to be tea and cake?” asks Sam, glancing […]