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Oz Sizzles in the Hottest Summer Ever

February 28, 2013


Following close on the heels of the hottest summer in United States history, we now have the hottest summer in Australian history, 1.1oC (2oF approx.) hotter than the 1961-1990 average.  Daytime maximum temperatures were 1.4oC (2.5oF) hotter than average.  And this record-breaking summer happened courtesy of global warming alone, without a leg up from El […]

Retreating From Fire

January 17, 2013


Surrendering the beaches in the era of climate change. A couple of years ago, after the Canadian Prairies and adjacent regions of the United States had suffered its third “100 year flood” event in about 15 years, there were grumblings in the comment pages of newspapers about how the “taxpayers” shouldn’t have to continue subsidizing […]

All About Climate Forcings [video]

October 20, 2012


Climate forcings are those parts of the climate system which push it along.  CO2 does it.  It is, because of how much of it there is and how long it stays in the atmosphere, the most important climate forcing, and the most significant cause of today’s present warming trend.  But it’s not the only greenhouse gas […]

Yes, Virginia, Human Emissions Do Cause Climate Change [video]

October 17, 2012


Here’s why they call it anthropogenic climate change.  The clever folks over at the US National Academy of Sciences explain in chapter 4 how we know that climate change is human caused. As usual, there is more than one line of evidence.  As usual, the conclusions of all the lines of evidence are the same.  We did […]

Renewable Energy Creates More Jobs

October 15, 2012


Want to create jobs for people?  Forget fossil fuels.  They’re not only bad for the future and bad for the environment, they’re bad for job creation, too. The alternative?  Renewables.  Solar energy, wind energy, light rail transit, environmental retrofitting, all produce more jobs per buck invested. Observe the following chart. There is absolutely no reason […]

The Climate Escalator

August 24, 2012


From Skeptical Science, licensed under creative commons attribution.   This graphic illustrates the way some climate deniers would have you look at the evidence about climate. Their technique:  choose a period of time within which there is a decline or leveling off of apparent warming–since climate graphs are always jagged lines these periods of time are […]

Deniers R Us – Don Easterbrook

May 8, 2012


“Professor Chill” Says We’re Cold Now and Getting Colder Don Easterbrook is a retired geology professor from Western Washington University, a little out of step with his former colleagues in respect of his views on climate change.  (They disagree with him here.)  One of the reasons for their disagreement, no doubt, is his way with […]