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What Is Climate? [video]

October 12, 2012


If you want an explanation of climate science from a real authority, try the US National Academy of Sciences.  If as an American scientist you get into the NAS, it means you’ve made it as a scientist, big time.  Abe Lincoln set up the Academy back when being Republican was a respectable political brand.  The […]

Removing Noise From the Climate Record: A New Study

February 13, 2012


2011 was the warmest year on record during which a La Niña occurred.  World temperatures are generally lower in La Niña years than non-La Niña years. 1998 was also an especially warm year, in fact, the warmest year in the 20th century.  1998 was an El Niño year, in fact, the most extreme El Niño […]

Where Climate Science Goes to Die

February 3, 2012


Energy and Environment Gets No Respect (And Doesn’t Deserve It) Pacific salmon have a lousy sex life.  They swim upstream.  She lays her eggs.  He drops by later with his sperm.  Then they both die. But at least—despite an exceedingly no-frills approach to reproduction—there are subsequent generations to carry on. But let us say you […]

30 Real Climate Scientists Reply to the Wall St Journal’s 16 Climate Quacks

February 2, 2012


To the Wall Street Journal:  Check With Climate Scientists for Views on Climate Do you consult your dentist about your heart condition? In science, as in any area, reputations are based on knowledge and expertise in a field and on published, peer-reviewed work. If you need surgery, you want a highly experienced expert in the […]

Wall Street Journal’s 16 Climate Quacks

February 1, 2012


Another failure of climate journalism at America’s most venerable business newspaper.  “No Need to Panic About Global Warming” the Wall Street Journal headline reads. Oh my, I think, really?  When 97% of the world’s climate scientists say the contrary, those folks at the WSJ must have extraordinary evidence on their side to make such a […]

Protecting Climate Scientists from Frivolous Lawsuits

January 27, 2012


Anybody following the climate file knows about the ongoing attacks on climate scientists.  They are regularly smeared on right-wing blogs and in the media, particularly media controlled by the shady media baron Rupert Murdoch.  Lies are invented about them out of whole cloth and circulated uncritically by a large climate denial echo chamber.  Hate campaigns […]

Ethical Tar, Ethical Disconnect

January 20, 2012


Have you noticed that Conservative talking points about opposition to tar sands oil and pipeline construction are identical to those used by the organization “Ethical Oil”?  (“Ethical Oil,” a newspeak naming that Orwell would be proud of.)  Here’s why. And you might be interested in seeing Kathryn Marshall on CBC not answer, again and again, whether […]

Attack of the Enviro-Monsters!!

January 18, 2012


The United Nations has a new poster campaign truthing it up about who the real enviro-monsters are.  You might want to peek at this one from under the blankets with your mother near at hand. Apes beware!  The beast comes… Creature from nightmares!  No arachnid is safe. Just when you thought being at the top […]

Wagon Rides and Climate Change

January 10, 2012


I think I was about eight years old going I-no-longer-remember-where when I met a kid who was preparing to ride down a hill on his wagon.  I stopped to talk with him for a moment.  He was really enthusiastic about his project, and I left him as he started down. There was a cross-street on […]

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Pictured

December 23, 2011


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