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Protecting Mangroves for the Climate

July 31, 2012


You know what the bad news is.  We’ve put too much CO2 into the atmosphere which is already tossing the world into a climate tangle and promising even more intense climate tangle to come.  We’re not actually slowing down with pumping still more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, suicidally anxious, it seems, to put Earth’s […]

Andrew Marvell – To His Coy Mistress

July 30, 2012


Andrew Marvell [1621-1678] To His Coy Mistress Had we but World enough, and Time, This coyness Lady were no crime. We would sit down, and think which way To walk, and pass our long Loves Day. Thou by the Indian Ganges side Should’st rubies find: I by the Tide Of Humber would complain. I would […]

Blues for a Sunday Afternoon

July 29, 2012


I get the blues sometimes … and then I think I shouldn’t be having all the fun.  So for everybody who is not already fortunate enough to have the blues, a random blues list for a warm Sunday afternoon…. To start off, think the deep Texas soul of Janis Joplin wrapped around the blues classic Trouble in […]

Greenland Becomes Meltland

July 25, 2012


In our new world climate, 97% of Greenland turns to slush Climate change is not warming the planet evenly.  In fact, it’s heating up at the poles far faster than at the equator, and this is having echo-effects throughout the system. Spin a top quickly and it will spin stably.  But when it slows down, […]

285,000 Solar Acres—and More

July 25, 2012


The Obama administration has just opened up 285,000 acres of federal lands to solar energy development, enough to potentially power over 7 million homes in the next decade.  17 solar energy zones have been designated in 6 western states, from Utah to California, where development can move forward quickly because environmental assessments have already been […]

Woody Guthrie: Prophet of the Dust Bowl

July 22, 2012


2012 is the centennial of Woody Guthrie’s birth.  That scrawny little guy with a guitar is America’s iconic folk chronicler, passing down the roads of the 1930s and 1940s, singing to any crowd that would listen whatever verses were current in his mind of his thousand or so songs.  The people he most famously chronicled […]

10 Million Miles for Science

July 18, 2012


Folks, here is Simple Sam joining us for this special imaginary broadcast.  Well, Sam, what do you think?  Glamour, excitement and hype!  O my! “What am I doing here?  This piece has nothing to do with climate change.” No, Sam, but we’re a small operation, the Father Theo shop.  I thought you might like to […]

Adding Juice to La Niña

July 15, 2012


Climate Change Makes Climate Systems More Extreme The flow of surface waters in the South Pacific ocean has a profound effect on the world’s weather.  The system known as El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) can both warm the planet with El Niño, or cool the planet with La Niña.  2011 was a double-La Niña year. Of […]

Dressing Up as Indians

July 12, 2012


When Princess Liz (as she then was) arrived in Vancouver, she and her significant other were welcomed to a teepee and a phalanx of (presumably) real Indians dressed up as (obviously) fake Indians.  It was 1951.  With revisions to the Indian Act, Canada had just made being culturally-Indian legal that year, and most Indians didn’t actually […]

The Underfunding of Indian Country

July 5, 2012


The Missing Boardwalks of Port Essington I remember living in Port Essington in the late 1950s.  At one end of Port Essington, actually near where I was staying with my Uncle Gus and Aunt Irene, was the Indian reserve.  It was just another part of town, as far as I was concerned.  But there was […]