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Legends of Myself 85

November 27, 2013


85. Prince Rupert, 1961: Schools, Comics, Tickets and Canary Wallpaper When I returned to Prince Rupert in the spring of 1961, I also returned to Roosevelt School, to finish grade five where I had begun it.  It didn’t feel like a return particularly.  I wasn’t placed in the same class, and I didn’t recognize the […]

Climate Change Since the Industrial Revolution

November 24, 2013


Father Theo goes to climate school 7 Weather changes day-to-day, year-to-year, but beneath this noisy everyday record, climatologists have discovered clear trends in our modern climate.  Temperatures have risen about 0.6o C in the last 50 years, and almost 1o in the past century.  Most of the detected warming has occurred over land and in […]

Legends of Myself 84

November 18, 2013


84. Hobo My father enters for a single singing part in 1954 in my grandmother’s parlour in Port Essington, stands offstage and unnoticed while I tangled with the Roly Poly clown in that same parlour, remains offstage, but absent and missed, during the Prince Rupert Christmas of 1955.  That’s memory, which does not say much.  […]

The Ice Ages, Part 2

November 13, 2013


Father Theo goes to climate school 6. Continued from parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and particularly 5. According to what scientists now believe, the Ice Ages, which have come and gone for the last million years or so, were caused by the coupling of Milankovitch cycles with certain natural feedback loops.  The Milankovitch cycles couldn’t […]

Equal Say for Aboriginal People on Everything Whatsoever

November 2, 2013


Why shouldn’t Aboriginal people get the same deal as climate deniers. Now I have a proposal about the media in British Columbia, and maybe all across Canada.  It’s an equality thing.  It’s a balance thing.  You know the drill. I think the media should grant equal say between the Aboriginal people and the rest of […]