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Ice Cores and Past Climates

September 30, 2010


Paleoclimate topics: Calibrating climate models.  Drilling ice cores in Antarctica.  Antarctic ice core data, etc. Like some sap in a sentimental song, Sam, the planet Earth has gone through changes.  And that’s because, as you might expect, lots can happen in 4.5 billion years. Continents float about, join, unjoin, oceans realign, natural levels of greenhouse […]

History of Aboriginal America 3 – Chronicle of the Destruction of the Indies

September 19, 2010


1441.  Antao Goncalves, sailing for Prince Henry the Navigator, travels down the West Coast of Africa to Cabo Branco in the north of the present day Mauritania, seizes a dozen Africans to bring home to his Prince.  Prince Henry was pleased.  Zurara, Prince Henry’s historian writes: ‘How great his joy must have been … not […]

Race & the Rule of Law in British Columbia – A Chronology

September 18, 2010


British Colonist, 8 March 1861: “Locate reservations for them on which to earn their own living, and if they trespass on white settlers punish them severely. A few lessons would soon enable them to form a correct estimation of their own inferiority, and settle the Indian title too.” Land Ordinance, 1865, ends the First Nations […]

History of Aboriginal America 2 – Myths of the Traveler

September 17, 2010


3. Travelers’ Tales The Nuu-chah-nulth traditionally harvested dentalia shells off the northwest coast of Vancouver Island.  Considering how deep the shells were to be found, the weight and unwieldiness of the tools with which they did the harvesting, and the fact of ocean swells continuously pushing them and their canoes off from the harvesting grounds, […]

1.2 History as a Beaker of Mustard Seed 2 – Of Skulls & Glass Slippers

September 16, 2010


From Featherfolk, a work in progress. “How could sentimentalists and egalitarians stand against the dictates of nature?  Morton had provided clean, objective data based on the largest collection of skulls in the world.”  –Stephen Jay Gould Samuel George Morton had put together a chart which appeared to prove that persons of his own ethnicity had […]

1.1 History as a Beaker of Mustard Seed

September 16, 2010


  From Featherfolk, a work in progress. Part I:  Historical Parables:   Beginning a Discussion of Aboriginal History A.  History as a Beaker of Mustard Seed This book is about Aboriginal people, about Aboriginal history, spoken from the point of view of someone who is himself Aboriginal.  Its argument is two-fold.  One, that what is commonly […]

0.2 Feather Folk Tale 2 – To Be Aboriginal Is to Be Political

September 16, 2010


From Featherfolk, a work in progress. Feather Folk Tale – continued   The book will be seen as political. And it is, in the sense that it is an attempt to influence people.  It is also partly directed at the educational system of Canada, an arena already supercharged with cultural politics.  The intention of this […]