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Fumbling the Climate Change Story – Again

October 9, 2013


A short while ago the latest IPCC report came out.  This is edition 5, building on four previous ones.  More than 2000 scientists were involved in compiling it.  About 9200 peer-reviewed studies were considered, which together represent more than 2 million gigs of numerical data.  This is major stuff.  Okay, the politicos may have influenced […]

Deniers R Us – Göran Ahlgren

March 11, 2012


The Climate Denier Files.  Another one of a continuing series on climate change deniers, who they are and what they think. Göran Ahlgren. For those people who prefer to get their prostate cancers treated by climatologists and their climate opinions handed them by assistant-professors of Organic Chemistry, we have Göran Ahlgren, a Swedish medical doctor […]

Climate Change & Extinctions Notebook, February 2010

February 10, 2010


Connection Cemented Between Australia’s Deadly Wildfires and Climate Change After thirty years of study, scientists have found intriguing link between the climate of  southwestern Australia and eastern Antarctica.  When there is a drought in Australia, there is a heavy snowfall in Antarctica at least 40% of the time, indicating a strong link between these climate […]

Cherry Blossoms in January

February 3, 2010


1970—cut-offs in March Spring comes early to Vancouver sometimes.  I remember early March of 1970, the sun shining, my friends and I triumphantly going walkabout in cut-off jeans.  It was exceptional to air our knees so early in the year.  Yet coming home after sunset, it was a little chill even so. 1977—cherry blossoms & […]

More Random Notes on Climate Change

January 16, 2010


If certain targets are not met by mid-century, the study suggests, then the goal of limiting catastrophic climate change might not be possible.

Random Updates on Climate Change – September 2009

September 17, 2009


  A record warm Australian winter.  This past winter was the warmest Australian winter on record, which climatologists attribute to both climate change and natural variability.  Temperatures in August were 2.47C (4.45F) above average.  Temperature records were broken by 4 to 5 degrees (7 to 9 degrees F), an extremely rare occurrence.  Australia expects another […]