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Legends of Myself 103

August 6, 2016


Burnaby, 1961. Astronauts, Magic Pencils and Snowball Fights. Although they dominate, not all the memories I have of Schou School are of the schoolyard.  I remember our teacher bringing his old Edison phonograph into the classroom, and I got my first look at an Edison cylinder, a technology obsolete before my father was born.  Even […]

Bad Samaritans & Other Prejudices

November 17, 2015


I’m not fond of the Good Samaritan.  I’m not saying I’m against the sort of people who are called that.  This isn’t about them at all.  I’m not fond of what has been made of the story. How do we understand it?  There’re these people, Samaritans, who just aren’t worth much.  But a guy gets […]

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Legends of Myself 102

August 3, 2015


102.  Burnaby, 1961:  Courtyard and Schoolyard The Sunset Auto Court was laid out like half a squared-off target, with the offices at the bull’s-eye, a driveway around that, and the apartments making up the outer layer.  Behind and parallel to the street was the alley, technically not accessible anywhere from the Auto Court—unless the need […]

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