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Legends of Myself 134

February 16, 2020


134. Prince Rupert and Vancouver, 1965-66. Departures and Arrivals There was a little hole in the window to our room at the lower right corner of the glass which the kittens liked to poke their noses out of occasionally. I stood at that same window often to look out on the street. On Fridays and […]

Legends of Myself 121

October 26, 2019


PART VII: The Cure, 1964-65 121. Vancouver, 1964-65. Interlude: Hastings and Britannia And so, with the social worker gone and the door closed behind her, while the angels cake walk and jive on the head of a pin, and the jazz horns rooty-tootle in the heavens, let’s consider why the story of my childhood doesn’t […]

Legends of Myself 120

October 16, 2019


120. Vancouver, 1964. Victory The household that my father nominated to Children’s Aid as my new foster family could hardly have been more different from the agency’s choices on my behalf, and my new neighbourhood was rather a contrast, too. “R”, my fifth foster father, was Irish by descent, identity and politics. He was thin, […]

Legends of Myself 107

June 26, 2017


107.  Vancouver, 1962: Juvie Consider Teddy captured and sobbing in a Woodward’s office.  Consider Teddy now as a child precious to you, a child known to you and under your protection.  You can settle the matter in any way.  How would you settle it?  What would you do? Consider Teddy in a car being taken […]

Legends of Myself 106

March 14, 2017


Vancouver. Master Thief of the Woodward’s Food Floor I had a friend I made in Miss Daw’s class at Grandview School.  He lived in a ground floor apartment on Cotton Drive hardly two blocks from my address on Graveley, and he was silly in the way that boys of 12 are silly.  Practically down the […]

Legends of Myself 105

March 12, 2017


105. Vancouver, 1962. Graveley Street We moved to Vancouver, of course, so that I could change schools.  Mostly, that’s not an advantage.  Adjusting to the new, especially mid-term— new rules, new classroom, new teachers, new classmates—is itself a challenge, even with the practice I had had.  There’s always some shade of a lesson that I […]

Legends of Myself 104

August 7, 2016


Vancouver, 1962. Jimmy Crack Corn in Little Italy Our flight from Schou School brought us to the Commercial Drive neighbourhood, now known as The Drive but then known as Little Italy.  Our first residence in that neighbourhood was on 2nd Avenue.  The Drive itself was just up the block, and there were establishments there that […]