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Legends of Myself 104

August 7, 2016


Vancouver, 1962. Jimmy Crack Corn in Little Italy Our flight from Schou School brought us to the Commercial Drive neighbourhood, now known as The Drive but then known as Little Italy.  Our first residence in that neighbourhood was on 2nd Avenue.  The Drive itself was just up the block, and there were establishments there that […]

Legends of Myself 99

November 2, 2014


99. Vancouver/Burnaby, 1961:  Tall Buildings I suppose because of arrangements my father had made with welfare, the first night we four spent in Vancouver was in a room overlooking Hastings Street, at the Hazelwood Hotel.  Across the street was the Lenity Café, which no longer stands, and down the way west and visible if we […]

Legends of Myself 98

August 30, 2014


98.  Highway 16 & Beyond, 1961:  A Journey Completed There were no more stopovers after our stay in Hazelton.  I suppose on the next stretch of road my father ran out of people to drop in on.  We had now turned off the Skeena, and were following the Bulkley into the interior.  At night, when […]

Women’s Memorial March, Vancouver, February 14, 2012

February 6, 2012


“Their Spirits Live Within Us” Women’s Memorial March for Murdered and Missing Women takes place February 14 2012. At noon, we meet at the Carnegie Community Centre Theatre, 401 Main Street where family members share personal stories. At 1 pm, the march begins. Stops will be made throughout the DTES where women were last seen […]

Legends of Myself 34

December 1, 2011


Continued from Legends of Myself 33 34.  Polio Shot When grade two was over, so also was my stay in Vancouver.  I was going north again for awhile, to Prince Rupert and my home territory. It had not been a particularly successful year for me academically, as I suggested before.  But that was because it had […]

Legends of Myself 33

December 1, 2011


Continued from Legends of Myself 32 33. Vancouver, 1958:  Lost Coats and Parachutes Three Minute Eggs.  I suppose I walked more than once along Pender Street—the route I took to school on that first school morning after moving to the Butler Hotel—but I don’t particularly remember it.  I do remember eating there with my father. Pender […]

Legends of Myself 32

November 25, 2011


Continued from Legends of Myself 31 32. Movies and Water Street, 1958 The Butler.  When I stayed with my father in Vancouver the previous summer, I may have lived in the Butler Hotel then.  But 1958 is the first time I’m certain of that address.  The Butler was almost always the place my father checked into […]