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Stephen Harper — Selling Out Children for Short Term Gain

October 27, 2008


The Conservative Party pretends to be pro-life, yet their adherence to pro-death policies is unquestionable.  Homelessness has grown dramatically under the Conservatives, and the health consequences of homelessness include a shorter life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.  And Stephen Harper continues to ignore this problem, allowing homelessness to get worse from year to year. […]

Stephen Harper and the Death of the Oceans

October 25, 2008


This is one of a series of essays about Stephen Harper and his dangerous indifference to global climate change.  He (along with, unfortunately, a large number of Canadians) dismisses the scientific evidence of climate change as being less important than, for instance, the economy.  In fact, you cannot regard these two areas as separate from […]

The Mighty Howlin’ Wolf Takes the Stage

October 20, 2008


Where was Wolf?  Suddenly he sprang out onto the stage from the wings.  He was a huge hulk of a man, but he advanced across the stage in sudden bursts of speed, his head pivoting from side to side, eyes huge and white, eyeballs rotating wildly. He seemed to be having an epileptic seizure, but […]

Welcome to Gordonville – Coming Soon to a Park Near You

October 19, 2008


    You have no doubt heard about the court case in Victoria in regard to the establishment of tent cities in City of Victoria parks.  The BC Supreme Court ruled that homeless people are entitled to erect tents in parks and public land owing to the lack of available shelter beds.  The basis of […]

The Tragedy of Affirmative Action

October 17, 2008


Okay, picture this.   A twisting line about two miles long is queuing up to a door labelled “All the Good Jobs.”  Virtually everyone in the line is a White male, identically dressed in suits and ties, carrying briefcases and talking into cell phones, all except three-quarters of the way along, where you can see […]

Stephen Harper & the Fate of the Planet

October 11, 2008


There is a big movement out there to stop Stephen Harper, people in the arts and those who value art, poor people, people concerned about women’s rights and the rights of minorities, peace activists, people who don’t like the way the Conservative Party, in a time of prosperity, threw away the surpluses created by the […]


October 9, 2008


I remember the wind on that first night, rattling the shutters, shifting the coarse-dusted snow.  I slept huddled against my brother, struggling to be warm, wishing there was a fire in the hearth, and some heat within that house’s walls, and cursing my uncle for a fool or a lunatic. It was three-fourths into a […]