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Illuminated Tree by Haisla Collins

June 28, 2011


Swept Out With a Broom

June 28, 2011


My dear sir, … poverty is no vice, that is the truth.  I know that drunkenness is no virtue, and that is even more so.  But destitution, my dear sir, destitution is a vice, sir.  In poverty you may still preserve the nobility of your inborn feelings, but in destitution no one ever does.  For […]

The Climate Debate: Does It Matter Who’s Talking?

June 27, 2011


In climate, in science, in any principled discussion, you are always obliged to address the argument, Sam. “But you don’t,” says Simple Sam. “The kinds of things you say about some people….” If you can’t address the argument yourself, you should see what the science says, the mainstream science. In climate science that means …. […]

Ideologues and Charlatans: A reader’s parade of climate deniers

June 22, 2011


Yesterday I posted Climate Alarmism & the Cost of Half Measures which was a repost of “Speaking science to climate policy,” Part 3 of The Conversation series, Clearing Up the Climate Debate.  In answer, a reader send me links to a number of articles which address and dispute certain claims made by Dr. James Risby […]

Climate Alarmism & the Cost of Half-Measures: Speaking science to climate policy

June 21, 2011


"Pointing out that we are close to one of the largest tipping points imaginable in the climate system is well within the remit of science. It’s not alarmist to describe the threat accurately."

Larks in Jackboots—Discriminating against the late-to-bed

June 20, 2011


People suffer from all kinds of sleep ailments rooted in all manner of different causes, some medical, some not.  A lot of things which have nothing to do with medical dysfunction can cause insomnia, for instance. Too much coffee?  Maybe.  Worry?  Maybe.  A book you couldn’t put down?  All too often.  Poor bedtime habits?  In […]

Night and Day by Haisla Collins

June 19, 2011