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Legends of Myself 74

April 27, 2013


74. Inside Passage, 1960: The Most Perfect Morning We were going to begin our journey to Vancouver from the Boneyard.  My father went ahead and prepared things, disappearing for about a day and a half, then came back and got me in Prince Rupert.  We rode the train to Haysport, then walked the tracks to […]

Legends of Myself 73

April 26, 2013


73. Prince Rupert, 1960:  Caretaking by Proxy Once he had established me in school, my father returned for one more month of fishing at the Boneyard.  He left me under one of the strangest caretaking arrangements I had so far encountered. I’m not sure how my father imagined the arrangements were being carried out.  He […]

Legends of Myself 72

April 20, 2013


72. Prince Rupert, 1960:  A Book in a Day August ended, and the summer holidays, and I had to move out of the dynamite shack in the Boneyard.  My father brought us into Prince Rupert, to the rooms above the Grand Café again, to enroll me in school.  School was Roosevelt School up on the […]

The People Who Invented the Wheel

April 16, 2013


Once upon a time there was a guy named George.  He was a real guy.  He really lived.  Maybe his name wasn’t George. The thing about George is that one day he invented the wheel.  That was the really special thing about George.  He was the only guy who ever invented the wheel.  Not that […]

Hippy-Speak and Aboriginal Education

April 14, 2013


One time I was given a lesson on how to shake a hand by the managing partner of a major downtown law firm.  My grip was too limp, he said.  You have to keep it firm.  I suppose my handshake was limp.  I have always considered the classic grip handshake as a little bit too […]

Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid Is Coming by Charles Kingsley

April 14, 2013


Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies is a fundamentally unpleasant piece of Victoriana suffering from many of the vices of the era.  It is preachy, condescendingly moralistic, racist and—as the following passage makes clear—sadistic as well.  Our hero Tom has drowned and been reconstituted as a water baby, but he still has some lessons to learn […]

Legends of Myself 71

April 11, 2013


71. The Boneyard, 1960: Fifty-Three Meteors The Skeena is rightly named “the river of mists” as the original Tsimshian form of the name suggests.  Mist, cloud, rain with splashes of blue overhead.  It was not a place to breed stargazers or astronomers, one would think.  But I must have looked up at the Boneyard sky […]