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Ashes & Light

September 25, 2008


This is the story as the doctor presented it: Marius Ambustus, the merchant and trader, was forty when his first and only son, Lucinius, was born.  The midwife who attended the birth possessed some skill at divining, and so the merchant asked her to tell him what she could about the child.  She held the […]

The Geography of Homelessness

September 21, 2008


If you sit on a curb, you will be moved along. If you camp in an abandoned building, you will be moved along. If you try to sleep in the alley, you will be moved along. When you are homeless, no part of the landscape is reserved for your legitimate use. You don't belong anywhere. You are not permitted to stand still, to lie down, to lock a door or turn off a light, and when you try to beg for a meal in front of a store, the shopkeeper will come out and threaten you. And the police will stand by the shopkeeper's right to do so. They chase you, and prod you, and kill your sleep. Anywhere you stand is the wrong place to be. Anywhere you stand, there is someone who doesn't want you there. Finally, your only recourse is to hide where no one will find you, to find a hole where no one will see you, to stay out of the reach of the legitimate people who don't want you around. That is homeless geography. A rat in a hole, out of sight of the decent people. Oh, such decent people.

Taxpayer’s Revolt: End Homelessness

September 18, 2008


We have to demand cheaper fun from our government. Everybody likes gloating over the hard fate of the undeserving, but sometimes you have to pay attention to the bottom line.

Simple Sam and the Vote to Save the Planet

September 15, 2008


  The evidence for global climate change is everywhere.  There is not a reputable scientific organization on the planet that disputes it.  Climate change is real, and human beings are the cause of it. And climate change, if we don’t do something about it, will lead to disastrous consequences.  It may be the greatest crisis […]

Locksmith and Primrose

September 10, 2008


He had the gift of stealth, which is more than simple quiet movement. He walked downwind from shadow, passing along streets and into houses. His tools let him silently into stranger's hallways, and he crept in and out of gates and doors, past sleeping dogs, indifferent cats, unwary children in their beds. In office buildings, he peeped in cupboards and desks. In stores, he wandered among the aisles, touching nothing. Finally, hours later, he returned home like a chameleon in flux, still unnoticed by anyone.

The Habit-Catcher

September 5, 2008


Sadek’s face was angular and changeable, distinctive, yet oddly difficult to pin down.  When dealing with his customers he often kept his expression bland, as bland as the door to his company’s offices, as bland as his business cards, as bland as things needed to be to mask the extraordinary services he provided.  The sign […]