First Nations/Aboriginal Index

A. History of Aboriginal America After 1492

B. Featherfolk

C. Canadian Aboriginal Policy

The Indian Act & Before

The Government Abuse of Aboriginal Children:  Residential Schools and After

D. British Columbia Aboriginal History

Archaeological Sites in British Columbia & Other Dates

Human settlement in B.C. plus other events: from the invention of agriculture to the granting of the vote for the Japanese.

Race and the Rule of Law in British Columbia: A Chronology

An Informal Chronology of the Aboriginal Land Question in B.C.

E. California Aboriginal History

 Early Voyages to California 1542-1602

Bringing Missions to California, 1769-1823

Missions in Spanish California – 1769-1836

Settling California, 15,000 BCE

Some Notes on Indigenous California

F. Myths of the West   Historiography:  Explaining the historical ideas of JM Blaut.

Myths of the West 1:  Europe at the Centre of the World

Eurocentric diffusionism, defined.  It is in fact The Colonizer’s Model of the World, whereby civilization isEurope’s gift, Earth’s treasures its just reward.

2. Tunnel History for Juniors

Tunnel history starts in Mesopotamia, travels through Greeceand Romeinto the West, blossoming in places of European settlement overseas.  Blaut’s tunnel history is eerily echoed in a 1944 school geography textbook, BC edition, intended for grades 5 and 6.

3. The 5 Fundamentals of Colonizer History

4. Stargate & the 7 Rules of European Progress

JM Blaut’s rules of Eurocentric history are found to apply to pop culture history as illustrated by a science fiction television series.

G. Aboriginal Education

 Aboriginal Education in the City

1. Aboriginal Education, Yes or No

2. How I Learned My Place

3. Whitestream Attitudes and the Fate of Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education, General

Believing Is Seeing

What we believe, we see, which is why educating people to the truth of Aboriginal people is necessary—or Aboriginal people will never be accepted beyond the stereotypes.

Legends of Myself 5

Concerning my father’s education.

Legends of Myself 25

Racism in my Grade Two curriculum.

H. Etcetera

Cheese, Tea Parties, Democracy & That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Doubted

Boston Tea Party, the Ancient Greeks and the Aboriginal contribution to democracy, etc., with a swipe at American historical iconography.

Adam Smith & the Savages

In defending capitalism, Mr. Smith ignored some important truths about indigenous people, slavery and colonialism.

Father Theo’s Bookshelf: Three Books About History

All three of these books, Exterminate All the Brutes, about colonial ideology, A Universal History of the Destruction of Books, about the systematic suppression of history, and 1491, about the America’s before Columbus, directly or indirectly concern Aboriginal people in some way.

The Innu & the Drummer Boy, 1633

First Nations attitude to children illustrated in historical anecdote.

Treaty 8 First Nations Declaration on the Site C Dam Proposal

First Nations and the Environment – March 2011 – Some Notes

In the Arctic Circle, Still Awaiting Normal

A Chukchi confronts climate change.

How Smallpox Was Sent Among the Odawa (1887)

            By Chief Mack-e-te-be-nessy (Andrew J. Blackbird)

The Settled & the Nomadic

Hugh Brody explains how the stereotypes about settled and nomadic people are in fact exactly wrong.

European Studies 101

Absolutely everything you need to know about European history, culture and geography in a one-semester course!

Thomas Flanagan, Pundit Propagandist

The Treaty of Waitangi, 1840

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