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Obama Calls Out the Koch Bros. – “You are not grassroots”

February 29, 2012


Organizations like our homegrown Fraser Institute and the USA’s now-notorious Heartland Institute have long pretended to be “think tanks” although existing in reality as nothing more than front groups lobbying for right-wing and business interests, characteristically producing nothing in the way of new research on any topic.  Of course, the absence of new research is […]

Robo-Call Election Scandal Spreads to 40, That Is, 46, Or Is It 63 Ridings

February 27, 2012


Updated. Defence Minister Peter MacKay says that the Robo-Call Scandal is an “isolated incident” not requiring investigation.  Evidently, the meaning of “isolated” as used by Stephen Harper’s Cabinet Members is a little different from the meaning intended by the rest of us. The following is a list of ridings—so far—which have made election calls complaints. […]

NDP Response to the Robo Call Scandal

February 27, 2012


I featured the Green Party response to the Stephen Harper Robo Call scandal yesterday.  Today, the federal New Democratic Party have sent a response as well, which I publish below.  Both parties have called for a rigorous investigation and consequences.   More than thirty ridings have now sent in complaints about this issue.  Will the […]

Legends of Myself 39

February 26, 2012


Continued from Legends of Myself 37 39.  Prince Rupert, 1958:  Long Tea or Short “Long tea or short tea?” my grandfather asked. And why have short tea when you can have long? “Long tea,” I replied. Then Pop lifted the teapot a few extra inches and poured a long thin stream into my cup. “Tea, granny,” […]

Robo-Calls Must Be Investigated – Elizabeth May

February 26, 2012


Conservative dirty tricks were a concern of mine during the last Federal Election.  (See Are Conservatives Adopting Republican Dirty Tricks to Get Elected?)  The matter has not gone away and has been the subject of an Elections Canada investigation.  I recently sent an email to all parties expressing concern about the use of “robo-calls” misdirecting voters […]

Payola for Climate Deniers

February 24, 2012


Some Climate Deniers on the Climate Denial Payroll Willie Soon – has received over a million dollars in funding from petrochemical interests since 2001.  This is from the Guardian story on the matter: Documents provided to Greenpeace by the Smithsonian under the US Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) show that the Charles G Koch Foundation, […]

To Stephen Harper: Stop Muzzling Scientists

February 22, 2012


An open letter to the government of Stephen Harper from science journalists and others Dear Prime Minister Harper, Over the past four years, journalists and scientists alike have exposed the disturbing practices of the Canadian government in denying journalists timely access to government scientists. Open letters to your government from concerned journalists have been followed […]

Why Peter Gleick Is a Climate Hero

February 21, 2012


And why the “ClimateGate” hackers are mere criminals and the Heartland Institute is beneath contempt It is instructive to compare the recent actions of Dr. Peter Gleick in exposing the actions of the ultra-right-wing Heartland Institute to public scrutiny to the actions of the “ClimateGate” hackers whose work has done so much to slow the […]

The Heartland Institute’s Toothless Lawyer Dogs

February 19, 2012


Recently the DeSmogBlog released a series of documents from the Heartland Institute showing a clear and well-laid out plan by the Institute to finance and sow climate change disinformation, including to schoolchildren.  In order to block public discussion on these matters, the Institute has now hauled in its lawyers and is now threatening to sue […]

Scientists Reply to Heartland Institute Scandal

February 18, 2012


Documents recently released from the Heartland Institute reveal a cynical plan to teach climate disinformation to children, show a pattern of pay-offs to prominent climate deniers (some of whom I have written about in previous posts) and the organization’s efforts to malign climate scientists and keep real science and opinions they don’t like out of […]