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Unplugging the Little Dutch Boy

June 28, 2012


Climate deniers have a clever plan I caught Simple Sam, everybody’s favourite crackpot climate change denier, down by the dike the other day.  He was trying to persuade the little Dutch boy to take his finger out and go home. ‘It’s better to bail, and somebody else can do that,’ said Sam, tugging the little […]

The Heartland Institute Stumbles

May 29, 2012


The Heartland Institute, perhaps you noticed, is stumbling and staggering a little these days.  About $1 million in corporate funding has walked. Of course, there was Heartland-gate, the leaking of nine documents by scientist Peter Gleick relating to Heartland’s climate denial activities, including a plan to teach climate denial to pre-schoolers.  But Heartland-gate, juicy as […]

Life Cycle of a Lie: The Sargasso Sea Climate Myth

May 19, 2012


The following is a re-post from Skeptical Science.  The original may be found here.   As well as being a telling chronicle of how the climate denier community develops a lie–each retelling adding a layer of fabrication or error to the one before like a game of denier telephone–the story also shows parallels with the kinds of […]

Deniers R Us – Don Easterbrook

May 8, 2012


“Professor Chill” Says We’re Cold Now and Getting Colder Don Easterbrook is a retired geology professor from Western Washington University, a little out of step with his former colleagues in respect of his views on climate change.  (They disagree with him here.)  One of the reasons for their disagreement, no doubt, is his way with […]

Dropping the Unabomb

May 6, 2012


A few years ago, the American Association for the Advancement of Science along with the heads of a number of other prestigious scientific organizations wrote a letter to the United States Senate on the subject of climate change, warning of serious impacts and the need to mitigate and prepare.  This is the letter.  Scientists Urge […]

Deniers-R-Us: Khabibullo Abdusamatov

March 11, 2012


The climate denier files.  An occasional feature profiling members of the climate denier community, addressing their [1] credentials (most have few or no credentials in climate science or related disciplines; many are retired), their [2] affiliations (many are associated with professional climate denial organizations or petrochemical and related interests or have accepted speaking fees, travel […]

Obama Calls Out the Koch Bros. – “You are not grassroots”

February 29, 2012


Organizations like our homegrown Fraser Institute and the USA’s now-notorious Heartland Institute have long pretended to be “think tanks” although existing in reality as nothing more than front groups lobbying for right-wing and business interests, characteristically producing nothing in the way of new research on any topic.  Of course, the absence of new research is […]