0.0 Feather Folktale: 

0.1 Introducing Featherfolk,

0.2 To Be Aboriginal Is to Be Political

1.0 History as a Beaker of Mustard Seed

1.1 Historical Parables: Beginning a Discussion of Aboriginal History

The Doctor and the Shrinking Skulls

1.2 Of Skulls and Glass Slippers

The hazards of measuring with mustard seed.

1.3 A Hall of Great Skulls

How to cherry pick data to achieve results.

1.4 Deciphering the Parable

2.0 Mythic History in a Canadian Classroom

3.0 Computers in the Jungle

3.1The Measure of Stone Age Skulls

A short history of humanity explaining that Stone Age people are merely us.

3.2History Is a Telescope

Some notes about history

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