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Robert Johnson in Hell

December 7, 2012


Three days, three nights Robert Johnson heard the hellhounds outside his window before he died.  Robert howled himself, he barked, sweated and twisted in his bed, until the poisoned whiskey finally brought him down.  In the moment of stillness that was his death, he saw coming in at the door the man from the crossroads. […]

Blues for a Sunday Afternoon

July 29, 2012


I get the blues sometimes … and then I think I shouldn’t be having all the fun.  So for everybody who is not already fortunate enough to have the blues, a random blues list for a warm Sunday afternoon…. To start off, think the deep Texas soul of Janis Joplin wrapped around the blues classic Trouble in […]

Haisla with Nasty, Brutish & Short @ the Rhizome, Friday June 15th

May 4, 2012


First notice of the band’s next gig at the Rhizome …

Deep in the Delta Blues

September 21, 2011


It all started down on Will Dockery’s plantation when Charlie Patton was having women troubles and decided to take arms against the blues by learning the blues.  Charlie had a lot of woman-trouble after that, because he really did learn the blues.  But nobody really thinks woman-trouble is always a bad thing, and it’s the […]

Thomas A. Dorsey, Gospel & the Devil’s Music

May 29, 2011


They used to call him Georgia Tom, a piano player who had once put together a band for Ma Rainey, and who in 1928, while dueting with Tampa Red, the Guitar Wizard, sold seven million records with a song called “It’s Tight Like That.”  The song was widely covered by blues and jazz artists, as […]

I Hear the Voice of Bluesman Prime

March 14, 2011


Bluesman Prime, the man who invented the blues, was born and grew and took his stand in the American South in the decades following the Civil War.  He might have been born into slavery, or in the giddy times just out of it. Regardless, he grew up in an era when American slavery was adapting […]

Once Upon a Time in the Blues There Was Bluesman Prime

December 30, 2010


  Once upon a time there was a little cross-eyed boy in Kentucky who grew up with a mess of pickin’ an’ singin’.  And since he was littlest, he played the mandolin, and since his voice was highest, he sang high harmony.  And that little boy grew up to father bluegrass, that high lonesome sound, […]

The blues is melancholy, right?

December 27, 2010


The blues is melancholy, right? Tough times.  Three simple chords and twelve bars.  An African-American male with a guitar held together by bailing wire.  To a man’s troubled soul, you add a few blue notes, a little trochaic rhythm, and you got the blues, right? Simple. Except that it’s not really so simple, and a […]

doc static says I should write about the blues

December 13, 2010


Doc Static says I should write about the blues.  But you know I’ve already had this discussion.  (So long ago.)  My friend Chuck—who already had admitted to stealing some of my lines for his review of a Doc Watson concert (thank you, Chuck, I accept flattery) and who for a while attended most of the […]

The Mighty Howlin’ Wolf Takes the Stage

October 20, 2008


Where was Wolf?  Suddenly he sprang out onto the stage from the wings.  He was a huge hulk of a man, but he advanced across the stage in sudden bursts of speed, his head pivoting from side to side, eyes huge and white, eyeballs rotating wildly. He seemed to be having an epileptic seizure, but […]