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Legends of Myself 115

September 29, 2019


115. Richmond, 1963. Summer of a Hermit Crab I know very little about what my father did while I was scrabbling about in the foster system. I know that somewhere in there he paid a visit to the Boneyard, and I suspect that was 1963, but I really can’t be sure. I know again that […]

The Prince Who Would Seek Immortality

September 25, 2019


A story from Andrew Lang's The Crimson Fairy Book

Legends of Myself 114

September 24, 2019


114. Richmond, 1963. An Emotional Apartheid So, there I was again, in the social workers car, in Richmond turning south along Garden City Road, driving to my third foster home placement. The third would last the longest, perhaps because of the presence of other foster children approximately my age, perhaps because my father’s absence during […]

Legends of Myself 113

September 15, 2019


113. Steveston, 1962-63. Run-Run-Run-Run Runaway I have never been a particular fan of mornings, and this was true in 1962 as well as now. I remember my foster mother rousting me for breakfast before school, and I also remember that when she couldn’t to do that for some reason, I flipped immediately to a much […]

Legends of Myself 112

September 13, 2019


112. Steveston, 1962. Junior High There was a special excitement in heading off to school in September, 1962, because that year it was no longer elementary school but junior high. Just about everybody entering grade seven was doing that leap together, so we were all new faces to some extent, the juniors among juniors, so […]

Legends of Myself 111

September 8, 2019


111. Steveston, 1962. French Horns, Phantom Allowances and the Issue of Standing Family life for most children is not an audition. In a real family, in a real home, the issue of belonging is settled. For a foster child, however, belonging is not settled. It is the very nature of strangers that you don’t know […]

Legends of Myself 110

September 6, 2019


110. Steveston, 1962. The Most Likely Candidate It’s hard to imagine any foster home with a blue ribbon on it, the inscription “Acceptable to Teddy” posted on the door. Given that I fundamentally didn’t accept the decision that had been made for me in that Vancouver family court. Given my undiminished loyalty and attachment to […]