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Self-Portrait (2006) by Haisla Collins

October 30, 2011


Self-Portrait (2006) by Haisla Collins.

Climate Change Killed 90% of Ocean Species: Study

October 13, 2011


Here’s a little warning from our finny friends in the Great Dying a.k.a. the Permian–Triassic extinction event. There it is in the headline in Cosmos, “Ocean oxygen loss caused Earth’s largest extinction.” Maybe you pass it by because events occurring at the Permian-Triassic boundary, 251 million years ago, while interesting, are not as compelling as, […]

The Settled & the Nomadic

October 9, 2011


“…a crucial difference between hunter-gatherers and farmers is that one society is highly mobile, with a strong tendency to both small- and large-scale nomadism, whereas the other is highly settled, tending to stay firmly in one particular area or territory.  This difference is established in stereotypes of “nomadic” hunters and “settled” farmers.  However, the stereotype […]

Legends of Myself 30

October 4, 2011


Continued from Legends of Myself 29 30.  Vancouver, Clark Drive and Water Street, 1958:  Schools Clark Drive was always intended to be a temporary residence.  I know this because there was a school close by where I might’ve been enrolled but wasn’t.  It was a block and half away, and during a brief hiatus when I […]

Legends of Myself 29

October 1, 2011


Continued from Legends of Myself 28 29.  Vancouver, Clark Drive, 1958 Scooter.  Some time early in 1958, I temporarily gave up the use of one of my feet.  It’s not that there was anything wrong with the foot.  It simply had a permanent place on my scooter deck, while the other foot took over the entire […]