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Legends of Myself 132

January 29, 2020


132. Prince Rupert, 1965. Ducking Out of School I seriously dislike it when someone wastes my time. If I’m to waste my time, I prefer to do it myself. In Prince Rupert I could read the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (45 cents or 50 in the back-corner rack at Eddie’s newsstand) or comic books […]

Legends of Myself 103

August 6, 2016


Burnaby, 1961. Astronauts, Magic Pencils and Snowball Fights. Although they dominate, not all the memories I have of Schou School are of the schoolyard.  I remember our teacher bringing his old Edison phonograph into the classroom, and I got my first look at an Edison cylinder, a technology obsolete before my father was born.  Even […]

Legends of Myself 102

August 3, 2015


102.  Burnaby, 1961:  Courtyard and Schoolyard The Sunset Auto Court was laid out like half a squared-off target, with the offices at the bull’s-eye, a driveway around that, and the apartments making up the outer layer.  Behind and parallel to the street was the alley, technically not accessible anywhere from the Auto Court—unless the need […]

Legends of Myself 88

July 19, 2014


88.  The Boneyard, 1961:  The Return of Canary Yellow I’m not sure where my father got the paper from, though I suspect he bought it all at once, some kind of bargain.  The sheets appeared first holding Shaw quotes on the walls of our room in Prince Rupert.  They were half sized, 5 ½ by […]

Father Theo Goes to Climate School 1

September 19, 2013


Understanding the Climate Change Conversation I went to school online recently to take a very basic climate change course.  I’ve been studying the subject outside of an academic setting for years now.  I thought it was time to listen in on what real experts say about the subject when they have time to be expansive […]

Legends of Myself 80

July 1, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 79 80. Hartley Bay, 1960:  Teddy’s Smart My father hovered around the Inside Passage a little while after dropping me off at Hartley Bay.  He must have done some more fishing.  The last I saw of our skiff was pulled up on the float at Hartley Bay, the net tangled with […]

Hippy-Speak and Aboriginal Education

April 14, 2013


One time I was given a lesson on how to shake a hand by the managing partner of a major downtown law firm.  My grip was too limp, he said.  You have to keep it firm.  I suppose my handshake was limp.  I have always considered the classic grip handshake as a little bit too […]

Legends of Myself 66

March 17, 2013


66. Gitanmaax 1959-1960:  Winter When my father arrived for a visit at Christmas, I suspect if I had told him about my Grade Four teacher’s experiments in classroom apartheid, he would have taken me out of Hazelton on the next train to the coast.  He wasn’t likely to tolerate abuse towards me of any sort, […]

Legends of Myself 63

February 25, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 62 63.  Hazelton, 1959-1960:  The Middle Row After the local late nineteen century gold rush was over (which was very quickly) and once again after the railway-induced land rush at the beginning of the 20th century which left the original site of Hazelton off to the side—out of the mainstream—facing a […]

Legends of Myself 51

December 27, 2012


Continued from Legends of Myself 50 51. Port Essington, 1958-59:  One Room Schoolhouse It’s one of those bureaucratic paradoxes that sometimes the most challenging jobs are given to the least experienced, mostly because the most experienced wouldn’t put up with them—or already have a job.  The schoolhouse in Essington had one room, one teacher, 10 students, […]