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A Plague Diary 12

April 28, 2020


What we are seeing south of the border is truly dismaying. It’s dismaying because of the death toll, 60,000 by tomorrow—and that is almost certainly an underestimate. It is dismaying because of the number of infections of Covid-19—more than a million in the US, and everybody knows that number is also wildly wrong.  It is […]

A Plague Diary 11

April 20, 2020


I wrote the other day about the success of women leaders during this pandemic.  The other side of the story displayed itself only yesterday, the other side being the utter failure of right wing governments. My opinion–and maybe I haven’t said it enough, it’s an important thing to say–is that right wing governments are fundamentally […]

A Plague Diary 10

April 14, 2020


Back at the end of the 18th century, the maritime fur trade started in British Columbia, and the traders that came here from England and the US—King-George-men and Boston-men, as we knew them locally—came up against a reality of  Northwest Coast cultures, the social power of women.  In the journals of the trading captains were […]

A Plague Diary 9

April 12, 2020


Every single day feels like waiting. You wait for the numbers to rise, since rising is their only direction. You wait for the numbers to, please, begin to slow. Because numbers aren’t numbers.  They are people and families, units of tragedy. You wait for another day, another threat, another horror. It’s hard to do anything […]

A Plague Diary 8

April 9, 2020


If you flip our calendar up for June, you see it there, marked for June 6th, the John Prine concert.  He was supposed to come last August, but health issues delayed the tour.  Earlier on, I guess two or three weeks ago, we were speculating whether we were going to be able to come out […]

A Plague Diary 7

April 3, 2020


The world is poison.  Don’t touch it.  The counter is poison.  Don’t lean on it.  The railing is poison.  Don’t put your hand there. Don’t put your hand to your face, either.  You are poison to yourself. Use your sleeve to press the button to cross the street.  Enter with the handicapped button, hitting the […]