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The Black Death in European Art

May 6, 2013


When the Black Death came to Europe in 1348, it brought a plague Europeans had never seen before, slaughtering far and wide with unprecedented ferocity.  Before it left, after that first sweep through (it was to return again and again through the centuries) one third of Europe was dead. It was a kind of collapse […]

Attack of the Enviro-Monsters!!

January 18, 2012


The United Nations has a new poster campaign truthing it up about who the real enviro-monsters are.  You might want to peek at this one from under the blankets with your mother near at hand. Apes beware!  The beast comes… Creature from nightmares!  No arachnid is safe. Just when you thought being at the top […]

Self-Portrait (2006) by Haisla Collins

October 30, 2011


Self-Portrait (2006) by Haisla Collins.

Ravens Fighting for the Moon by Haisla Collins

August 23, 2011


Contemporary Aztec Goddess by Haisla Collins

August 3, 2011


Connecting With the Universe by Haisla Collins

July 17, 2011


Illuminated Tree by Haisla Collins

June 28, 2011