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Retreating From Fire

January 17, 2013


Surrendering the beaches in the era of climate change. A couple of years ago, after the Canadian Prairies and adjacent regions of the United States had suffered its third “100 year flood” event in about 15 years, there were grumblings in the comment pages of newspapers about how the “taxpayers” shouldn’t have to continue subsidizing […]

Climate Extremes, Here and Down Under

January 12, 2013


Death or Taxes Are they really different stories?  It actually seems like just the same story, continuing. Look at what is happening in Oz.  On Monday, January 7th, they set a country-wide heat record of 104.5oF.  That’s 40.3oC, and was the average high temperature continent-wide.  Australia experienced 7 days in a row (Monday was one […]

Unplugging the Little Dutch Boy

June 28, 2012


Climate deniers have a clever plan I caught Simple Sam, everybody’s favourite crackpot climate change denier, down by the dike the other day.  He was trying to persuade the little Dutch boy to take his finger out and go home. ‘It’s better to bail, and somebody else can do that,’ said Sam, tugging the little […]

The Free Rider Problem

June 10, 2012


My local Skytrain station has been undergoing construction for some time now.  Last year they closed down one entrance for several months to rebuild the stairs.  This year they tore down the stairs to build a turnstile and accompanying bureaucratic paraphernalia – to fight against free riders. It’s already been calculated that the money they […]

Rick Perry — Wildfires & Climate Denial in Texas

September 19, 2011


Texas–along with Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana–has experienced its hottest summer ever this year.  In fact, Texas and Oklahoma both set records for the hottest summer for a US state, beating out the previous record, Oklahoma, 1934, a record set at the height of the Dust Bowl. Hot. But, hot enough for Rick Perry? Nope. […]

This Week in Climate Disaster (May 16, 2011) — And after

May 16, 2011


Climate science, as I understand it, predicts that climate change will bring more rainfall because of increased evaporation and because higher temperatures permit the air to hold more water vapour.  Places that already have rainfall will have more rainfall.  Places already prone to flooding will have larger floods.  Major flood events will come closer together. […]

Random Updates on Climate Change – September 2009

September 17, 2009


  A record warm Australian winter.  This past winter was the warmest Australian winter on record, which climatologists attribute to both climate change and natural variability.  Temperatures in August were 2.47C (4.45F) above average.  Temperature records were broken by 4 to 5 degrees (7 to 9 degrees F), an extremely rare occurrence.  Australia expects another […]