Canadian Aboriginal Policy

The Indian Act and Before

The Royal Proclamation, 1763

Four False Assumptions of Canadian Aboriginal Policy

Chronicle of Canadian Aboriginal Policy, 1828 to 1876

It is a strict law that bids us dance. 1886

A chief addresses the potlatch law.

The Many Fingers of the Indian Agents

Photo Archive: First Nations at Worship

Residential schools represented aggressive recruitment by churches.

Imagining the Residential Schools – Dialogues & Monologues – 1744-1931

The Underfunding of Indian Country

 The Government Abuse of Aboriginal Children:  Residential Schools and After

 1. Mortality in the Residential Schools

2. “Killing the Indian” in Residential School – psychological abuse

3. How Residential Schools Destroyed Aboriginal Communities

4. The Failure to Protect – racism prevented abused children from being heard

5. The Destruction of Aboriginal Families – children are removed to residential schools, then foster care.  Siblings separated.

6. The Failure to Educate

7. The Failure to Parent – if the state were held to the same parenting standards as it holds real parents, it would lose its right to take care of children.

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