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Tossing Bottles at the Wall

December 7, 2013


Concerning Welfare and Welfare Bums You talk about people on welfare and immediately you have a chorus of other people explaining how they (or sometimes their parents) avoided it because of some sense of pride and enterprise which made them (implicitly) above welfare.  I was too good for that. I was taught better than that. […]

Merry Christmas! It’s the 5 Week Month

December 5, 2013


It happens four times a year and always at Christmas.  Every welfare recipient knows about it, the dreaded five week month. Welfare recipients live from Wednesday to Wednesday, because cheque day is always on Wednesday.  Sometimes it’s four weeks away, and you have maybe $50 a week after rent and utilities to get through those […]

Swept Out With a Broom

June 28, 2011


My dear sir, … poverty is no vice, that is the truth.  I know that drunkenness is no virtue, and that is even more so.  But destitution, my dear sir, destitution is a vice, sir.  In poverty you may still preserve the nobility of your inborn feelings, but in destitution no one ever does.  For […]

Assisting the Poor:—a social worker’s soliloquy

December 24, 2010


Everybody knows that we must be charitable and help the poor. But there’s the usual hazard.  How can we tell we’re helping the right poor and not the wrong poor? The right poor need our help.  They deserve our help.  And we’ll help them, by gum! If there’s money left over, that is, from not […]

20th Annual Women’s Memorial March–Vancouver–February 14th

February 12, 2010


This posting updated 10 January 2011. ‘Their Spirits Live Within Us.” February 14 Women’s Memorial March for Murdered and Missing Women takes place Monday, February 14, 2010. “This March gives families, friends, community members an opportunity to come together to grieve and remember these beloved sisters, and to remind the powers that be that we […]

News From Gordonville

February 4, 2010


The Olympics are almost upon us.  In commemoration I thought I would  reprint a trio of pieces I did some time ago for the Anti-Poverty Committee. Unhousing the Poor in Gordonville Scrooge made that vital first connection between charity and prisons. Asked to give money for the poor at Christmas, he replied, “Are there no […]

The Good Guys

February 17, 2009


I read recently about a man zapped 24 times by the RCMP in a police station, with the videotape recording the event mysteriously going missing afterwards. Then there is that recent drunken spree on Burrard Street where officers from several departments allegedly kicked and robbed a South Asian man, explaining that they did not like […]

Stephen Harper — Selling Out Children for Short Term Gain

October 27, 2008


The Conservative Party pretends to be pro-life, yet their adherence to pro-death policies is unquestionable.  Homelessness has grown dramatically under the Conservatives, and the health consequences of homelessness include a shorter life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.  And Stephen Harper continues to ignore this problem, allowing homelessness to get worse from year to year. […]

Welcome to Gordonville – Coming Soon to a Park Near You

October 19, 2008


    You have no doubt heard about the court case in Victoria in regard to the establishment of tent cities in City of Victoria parks.  The BC Supreme Court ruled that homeless people are entitled to erect tents in parks and public land owing to the lack of available shelter beds.  The basis of […]

Everyday Police Brutality

October 2, 2008


I saw a happy policeman today, two in fact, sharing a smile over a citizen complaint.  I was just walking along on The Drive this afternoon, and there they were, chuckling to each other. What was so amusing?  A homeless man whom they had just rousted from a doorway was complaining about being woken up […]