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The Vertue of the Coffee Drink [c.1652]

July 30, 2013


“It is a simple innocent thing,” says this very first English-language advertisement for coffee.  There the document stands on solid ground.  Today there are some indications—possibly too eagerly seized upon by the likes of me, maybe—that coffee is a wonder drink.  However no present-day claim can come even close to the wonders and “vertues” of […]

There Are No Perfect Songs

July 28, 2013


I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the perfect song.  Perfection means you need go no further.  No other work is needed.  Stop now.  The job is done. There are no songs like that. Let’s move past the strong objection that nothing could be perfect anyway and just get […]

Legends of Myself 83

July 24, 2013


83.  In Transition, 1961:  Baths and Welcome Endings In the spring of 1961 I was returned to my father from HartleyBay.  I remember neither the circumstances of leaving nor the circumstances of arriving, but I remember that for some reason the journey was placed in the charge of a social worker.  She was the first […]

Legends of Myself 82

July 22, 2013


82. Hartley Bay and Laxgal’tsap, 1961:  Cockles and Herring Roe When uncles came to call at the house where I was staying in Hartley Bay, quarters and dimes often found their way into the palms of the children living there.  They weren’t my uncles, of course, but somehow that is the way I thought of […]

Are You Smart Enough to Vote in Louisiana?

July 2, 2013


Set your timers and put your perfection shoes on, and see if you can answer the following 30 questions flawlessly and thus qualify to vote in Louisiana.  This test comes to you courtesy of the Supreme Court of the United States who have legally declared racism to be over and effectively repealed the Voting Rights […]

Legends of Myself 81

July 2, 2013


81. Hartley Bay, 1960: An Epiphany of Wolves I have always considered 1960 an important year.  The Boneyard happened then, and my journey up the Inside Passage.  In the Slough at Gitanmaax I learned to swim, and in the dynamite shack beside the railroad tracks and the Skeena Estuary I discovered stars and fairy tales.  In […]

Legends of Myself 80

July 1, 2013


80. Hartley Bay, 1960:  Teddy’s Smart My father hovered around the Inside Passage a little while after dropping me off at Hartley Bay.  He must have done some more fishing.  The last I saw of our skiff was pulled up on the float at Hartley Bay, the net tangled with (by then, dead) crabs. Before […]