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May 3, 2017


In a lean springtime, the wolf came to the meadows to see if he could steal sheep, but the shepherd boy startled him with his shout, and as the wolf bolted back into the bush he saw the villagers arrive, look about, then scold the boy for his false summons. Hungry, the next day brought […]

The Wolves Who Knew Where the Deer Were

October 27, 2013


One day there was born a wolf who knew where all the deer were.  From the morning of his first hunt, he always knew which way to look to find the deer, and every time he hunted he brought one back.  This gift he was able to grant to his children, and after twenty generations […]

The Fisherman and His Wife

February 9, 2013


A Fairy Tale from Grimm I was thinking about our civilization’s relationship with the environment, and how much we ask of it, and somehow this classic tale from the Brothers Grimm came to mind. THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE There was once a fisherman who lived with his wife in a pigsty, close by the seaside. The […]

The Dancing Wall at Cathindos

January 16, 2013


Since the publication late last century of Dr. Borges’ 500 Theses of the Destruction of Cathindos, a generation of scholarship has eliminated some theses and added some others, but really not much progress has been made.  There are yet 500 theses, or more.  A visit to the Dancing Wall, which the more mystical and philosophical […]

Robert Johnson in Hell

December 7, 2012


Three days, three nights Robert Johnson heard the hellhounds outside his window before he died.  Robert howled himself, he barked, sweated and twisted in his bed, until the poisoned whiskey finally brought him down.  In the moment of stillness that was his death, he saw coming in at the door the man from the crossroads. […]

Where the Borg Empire Really Began

August 31, 2011


Everything starts small. It’s not well known that the Borg Empire began with the career of Larry Borg, a shady  one-legged door-to-door prosthetics salesman who built up his business by a combination of aggressive salesmanship and a cavalier attitude towards patent and copyright laws. Detractors said that he often stole ideas outright. The slogan of […]

The Habit-Catcher

September 5, 2008


Sadek’s face was angular and changeable, distinctive, yet oddly difficult to pin down.  When dealing with his customers he often kept his expression bland, as bland as the door to his company’s offices, as bland as his business cards, as bland as things needed to be to mask the extraordinary services he provided.  The sign […]