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Unplugging the Little Dutch Boy

June 28, 2012


Climate deniers have a clever plan I caught Simple Sam, everybody’s favourite crackpot climate change denier, down by the dike the other day.  He was trying to persuade the little Dutch boy to take his finger out and go home. ‘It’s better to bail, and somebody else can do that,’ said Sam, tugging the little […]

Marxist-Leninist Credit Cards

June 20, 2012


Because you haven’t had your recommended daily dose of irony for today, I present to you the Karl Marx credit card. If you are fortunate enough to have Sparkasse Chemnitz as your bank, it offers a bust of the venerable coauthor of the Communist Manifesto which you may present every time you wish to make […]

Oil Spills and Bad Math Mean No to Enbridge

June 10, 2012


We don’t want the Northern Gateway pipeline to pass through British Columbia because, frankly, it is not in our civilization’s interest to take any of this oil out of the ground at all.  We already have too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and too much damage has already been done.  However, there are other […]

The Free Rider Problem

June 10, 2012


My local Skytrain station has been undergoing construction for some time now.  Last year they closed down one entrance for several months to rebuild the stairs.  This year they tore down the stairs to build a turnstile and accompanying bureaucratic paraphernalia – to fight against free riders. It’s already been calculated that the money they […]

Speak Out Against Stephen Harper’s Canada

June 3, 2012


Silence is not an option.

Save the Marpole Midden: Teachers

June 1, 2012


For fourteen centuries, a giant statue of Buddha 174 foot tall (53 metres) stood in Afghanistan.  Then in 2001 the Taliban dynamited it.   It was widely regarded as an act of barbarism.  We shouldn’t be dynamiting history.  Or paving over it, either. The Marpole Midden is not a monument, but it is a historical site […]