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Chronicle of Canadian Aboriginal Policy, 1828 to 1876

February 28, 2011


Aboriginal policy in the North American colonies of Great Britain was originally pursued on a nation to nation basis.  Aboriginal nations were dealt with as military allies and enemies, and as essential trading partners.  This changed dramatically after the War of 1812.  In the decades after that war, which was essentially an extension of the […]

Four false assumptions of Canadian Aboriginal policy

February 26, 2011


From the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, 1996 Four false assumptions … The first held Aboriginal people to be inherently inferior and incapable of governing themselves. The second was that treaties and other agreements were, by and large, not covenants of trust and obligation but devices of statecraft, less expensive and more […]

The Many Fingers of the Indian Agents

February 23, 2011


Under Canada’s various Indian Acts, there was once and for a very long time the position on the Indian Superintendent, or, as he was more generally known, the Indian Agent.  The Indian Agent represented the Indian Act and the law in general to the Aboriginal people he had jurisdiction over. The Indian Agent had many […]

Last True American Found Living Outside of Knoxville, Tennessee

February 23, 2011


    Knoxville.  “We’ve found the last true American.  He’s healthy, he’s optimistic and he’s living on the outskirts of Knoxville, Tennessee.” That was the breathless announcement made today in Knoxville by a spokesperson for the Search for True America Foundation. John Brenston, president of the Tennessee chapter of the SFTA Foundation, who was chosen […]

Preferring Hell to the Spanish – A voice from Aboriginal America

February 21, 2011


One of the leading local lords, a cacique who went by the name of Hatuey, had fled to [Cuba] from Hispaniola[Haiti] in order to escape the miseries that arose from the inhuman treatment meted out to the natives of that island by the Spanish…. But, eventually, he was captured and, although his only crime was that […]

Photo Archive: First Nations at Worship

February 20, 2011


They came to worship on the beach.  They knelt and bent their heads and prayed in front of the Catholic icons.  They were converts, every one of them, to the European’s idea of divinity. Up north, among the Tsimshian, they loved the pomp and thump and blare of brass bands, and they welcomed the Salvation […]

The boy who cried wolf again & again

February 19, 2011


At the end of a terrible winter, a wolf came upon a boy herding sheep.  The wolf knew that it usually was not good policy to steal the human’s sheep, but he was so hungry that he leapt on one regardless.  He heard the shepherd boy crying, “Wolf! Wolf!” but he did not know that […]

Legends of Myself 9

February 18, 2011


Continued from Legends of Myself 8 9.  A New Generation and a Gibson Guitar I heard one more story about my father after the war, involving a Gibson guitar. If you are a guitarist, you know Gibson.  Les Paul designed a very special one, which became a benchmark for all electric guitars.  I’ve seen Albert King […]

Father Theo’s Bookshelf: Three Books About History

February 16, 2011


There are other books, of course.  These three I offer because they were useful to me.  I expect to make other recommendations in the future.  (That’s fair warning.) Sven Lindqvist, “Exterminate All the Brutes”, The New Press, New York, 1996. A travel book.  A meditation on colonialism.  An examination of the same colonial Africa which […]

Did climate skeptic mislead Congress about industry ties?

February 15, 2011


Patrick Michaels, the subject of the following letter by Ranking Member Henry Waxman, was also one of the scientists dealt with in my recent blog post: 36 climate deniers in search of credibility.  Fred Upton, Chair of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, has agreed to investigate the issues brought up in this letter. See The […]