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There Are No Perfect Songs

July 28, 2013


I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the perfect song.  Perfection means you need go no further.  No other work is needed.  Stop now.  The job is done. There are no songs like that. Let’s move past the strong objection that nothing could be perfect anyway and just get […]

Robert Johnson in Hell

December 7, 2012


Three days, three nights Robert Johnson heard the hellhounds outside his window before he died.  Robert howled himself, he barked, sweated and twisted in his bed, until the poisoned whiskey finally brought him down.  In the moment of stillness that was his death, he saw coming in at the door the man from the crossroads. […]

Blues for a Sunday Afternoon

July 29, 2012


I get the blues sometimes … and then I think I shouldn’t be having all the fun.  So for everybody who is not already fortunate enough to have the blues, a random blues list for a warm Sunday afternoon…. To start off, think the deep Texas soul of Janis Joplin wrapped around the blues classic Trouble in […]

Father Theo’s Christmas Playlist

December 25, 2011


Frankly, I grew tired of most Christmas songs a long time ago.  The overkill started setting in for me in 1961 or thereabouts, and the majority I’d prefer to never hear again. But I will, I will, unless–during the ever-extending Christmas season–I avoid every store and mall in the land until the day I die. […]

Hobo’s Lullaby – Songs for My Father

May 27, 2011


When my father died in 2002, I made a compilation of music to play and give out at his memorial service.  I never did explain why I chose the songs I did, although I always intended to get around to annotating the list.  I finally have. 1.  Leadbelly – Goodnight, Irene.  My earliest memory of […]

I Hear the Voice of Bluesman Prime

March 14, 2011


Bluesman Prime, the man who invented the blues, was born and grew and took his stand in the American South in the decades following the Civil War.  He might have been born into slavery, or in the giddy times just out of it. Regardless, he grew up in an era when American slavery was adapting […]

Humans are hard-wired for music

January 14, 2011


Scientists consider dopamine to be an ancient chemical that is essential for survival. It dishes out feel-good jolts in response for life-supporting actions such as eating and for acquiring ‘secondary’ tangibles such as money. The mechanism can also be triggered by drugs. But music is abstract, is not directly essential for survival and is not […]