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Legends of Myself 87

December 16, 2013


87.  The Boneyard, 1961:  British Seagulls and Spanish Radio If the rooms above the Grand Café in Prince Rupert had become an unlikely home for me, then the abandoned railroad shack in the Boneyard, where we had squatted the summer before, became by 1961 even more so.  After I completed grade five, that’s where my […]

Climate Change and the Superstorm

December 8, 2013


What is a hurricane?  It is a tremendous pot of energy, of whirling wind and rain.  It gathers the energy over water, and expends it in wind, lightning and sometimes destruction.  I’m going to try to give an explanation of the processes and specific conditions involved in building such a storm. First, let’s talk about […]

Tossing Bottles at the Wall

December 7, 2013


Concerning Welfare and Welfare Bums You talk about people on welfare and immediately you have a chorus of other people explaining how they (or sometimes their parents) avoided it because of some sense of pride and enterprise which made them (implicitly) above welfare.  I was too good for that. I was taught better than that. […]

Merry Christmas! It’s the 5 Week Month

December 5, 2013


It happens four times a year and always at Christmas.  Every welfare recipient knows about it, the dreaded five week month. Welfare recipients live from Wednesday to Wednesday, because cheque day is always on Wednesday.  Sometimes it’s four weeks away, and you have maybe $50 a week after rent and utilities to get through those […]

Legends of Myself 86

December 1, 2013


86.  Prince Rupert, 1961: The Wrong Child Prince Rupert also meant Pop.  When I returned, he still lived in his room in the grey-lumbered apartments on 8th Avenue, and I expect I crossed the ridge back of downtown to visit him there as I had before.  But one day he turned up in our room […]