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Trans Mountain Pipeline Hearing Fraudulent, Charges Former Hydro CEO

November 4, 2014


Former BC Hydro executive withdraws from Trans Mountain Pipeline hearing in disgust. The following is an open letter from Marc Elieson, former CEO of BC Hydro, formally withdrawing from the National Energy Board hearings on the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Dear Ms. Young: The Intervenor, Marc Eliesen, wishes to withdraw from the […]

Dear Theo: I’m Against Warrantless Searches

May 24, 2012


I received the following email from my Member of Parliament, Don Davies (Vancouver-Kingsway) in respect of the ongoing legislative agenda of our current government in Ottawa, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, to instigate warrantless online access to personal information, for instance.   Don is against it, too. Dear Theo, RE: Stand with Canada as a Pro-Privacy MP […]

625 Scientists to Stephen Harper: Don’t Gut the Fisheries Act

March 25, 2012


Dear Prime Minister Harper, cc. Honorable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans re. Potential amendments to section 35 of the Fisheries Act by D. W. Schindler et al We, a group of Canadian scientists, including many of Canada’s most senior ecologists and aquatic scientists, are writing out of concern that habitat protections are about to […]

To Stephen Harper – Set your scientists free

March 5, 2012


The way forward is clear: it is time for the Canadian government to set its scientists free. That statement—a clarion call if ever one was sounded, Gabriel—comes from an unusually sober source.  It’s the concluding words of an editorial titled “Frozen Out–Canada’s government should free its scientists to speak to the press, as its US […]

Elections Canada, RCMP to Investigate 31,000 ‘Robo-Call’ Complaints

March 2, 2012


Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have said, “Move along.  Nothing happening here.”  But the government office with the mandate to investigate citizen complaints into the last election thinks that maybe 31,000 complaints relating to the Conservative dirty tricks Robo-Call scandal deserve a look-see.  The Conservatives also rose in Parliament and brought up a campaign of harassing […]

Harper & Co. Must Answer for Robo-Calls–Liberals

March 1, 2012


While Stephen Harper’s Conservatives continue to dither and dodge, the other parties are calling on the government to investigate an ever-spreading scandal.  The question is now occurring to many Canadians:  Did Stephen Harper’s dirty tricks squad steal the last election?  Below is the Liberal Party of Canada’s response to the Robo-Call Scandal. We need answers […]

Robo-Call Election Scandal Spreads to 40, That Is, 46, Or Is It 63 Ridings

February 27, 2012


Updated. Defence Minister Peter MacKay says that the Robo-Call Scandal is an “isolated incident” not requiring investigation.  Evidently, the meaning of “isolated” as used by Stephen Harper’s Cabinet Members is a little different from the meaning intended by the rest of us. The following is a list of ridings—so far—which have made election calls complaints. […]

NDP Response to the Robo Call Scandal

February 27, 2012


I featured the Green Party response to the Stephen Harper Robo Call scandal yesterday.  Today, the federal New Democratic Party have sent a response as well, which I publish below.  Both parties have called for a rigorous investigation and consequences.   More than thirty ridings have now sent in complaints about this issue.  Will the […]

Robo-Calls Must Be Investigated – Elizabeth May

February 26, 2012


Conservative dirty tricks were a concern of mine during the last Federal Election.  (See Are Conservatives Adopting Republican Dirty Tricks to Get Elected?)  The matter has not gone away and has been the subject of an Elections Canada investigation.  I recently sent an email to all parties expressing concern about the use of “robo-calls” misdirecting voters […]

Tibetan Rhinos & the Politics of Climate Change

September 3, 2011


In which it is proven that a woolly rhino is smarter than Senator Inhofe.