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Will the Climate Deniers Finally Discover El Niño?

July 22, 2014


An El Niño event could seriously damage the denier narrative, unless… Remember 1998?  That was a very good year, as Old Blue Eyes might have said.  It could well be the best, most important year ever if you are a climate change denier.  In 1998 world-wide surface temperatures got so high that it took at least […]

Climate Change and the Superstorm

December 8, 2013


What is a hurricane?  It is a tremendous pot of energy, of whirling wind and rain.  It gathers the energy over water, and expends it in wind, lightning and sometimes destruction.  I’m going to try to give an explanation of the processes and specific conditions involved in building such a storm. First, let’s talk about […]

Climate Change Since the Industrial Revolution

November 24, 2013


Father Theo goes to climate school 7 Weather changes day-to-day, year-to-year, but beneath this noisy everyday record, climatologists have discovered clear trends in our modern climate.  Temperatures have risen about 0.6o C in the last 50 years, and almost 1o in the past century.  Most of the detected warming has occurred over land and in […]

Equal Say for Aboriginal People on Everything Whatsoever

November 2, 2013


Why shouldn’t Aboriginal people get the same deal as climate deniers. Now I have a proposal about the media in British Columbia, and maybe all across Canada.  It’s an equality thing.  It’s a balance thing.  You know the drill. I think the media should grant equal say between the Aboriginal people and the rest of […]

Fumbling the Climate Change Story – Again

October 9, 2013


A short while ago the latest IPCC report came out.  This is edition 5, building on four previous ones.  More than 2000 scientists were involved in compiling it.  About 9200 peer-reviewed studies were considered, which together represent more than 2 million gigs of numerical data.  This is major stuff.  Okay, the politicos may have influenced […]

Father Theo Goes to Climate School 1

September 19, 2013


Understanding the Climate Change Conversation I went to school online recently to take a very basic climate change course.  I’ve been studying the subject outside of an academic setting for years now.  I thought it was time to listen in on what real experts say about the subject when they have time to be expansive […]

Bubble, Bubble, Oil and Trouble

May 19, 2013


The Inevitable Carbon Bubble We know that climate change is with us and getting worse.  97% of climate scientists say so, as if wasn’t already obvious.  A new study by John Cook of Skeptical Science says that 97% of their published papers say so as well. (See The body of peer-reviewed scientific literature effectively is science.  […]

Mama Remembers 400

May 13, 2013


A little discussion with Mama about the meaning of 400 parts per million. Mama was looking through the bones of her extinct children the other day (Mama doesn’t keep photographs) and pulled out a strange skull, gigantic, tusks attached to its lower jaw. “Deinotherium, what a lovely name.  Of course, Deino never heard it since […]

Of Posies and Republicans

May 1, 2013


The Aztec Tactic I’ve written before how conservative disdain for environmentalism runs so deep that some will deliberately waste energy out of little more than spite. (See Denial Means Never Having to Turn Down the Thermostat.) A recent Grist article asks the question Why Do Conservatives Like to Waste Energy? I think it’s a kind […]

Shattered Ice and Climate Change

April 2, 2013


Perhaps you heard about the cracks in the sea ice in the Beaufort Sea?  They are fairly spectacular, and the question fairly arises, What does it mean? Well, in one sense it doesn’t really signify much, in that the forces which created the cracks are ones which circulate around in the Arctic system, and have […]