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Legends of Myself 98

August 30, 2014


98.  Highway 16 & Beyond, 1961:  A Journey Completed There were no more stopovers after our stay in Hazelton.  I suppose on the next stretch of road my father ran out of people to drop in on.  We had now turned off the Skeena, and were following the Bulkley into the interior.  At night, when […]

Legends of Myself 97

August 29, 2014


97.  Highway 16, 1961: Pepper and Partings I think it must have been a warm sunny September that year on the Skeena.  On our second day on the road continuing on from Tyee, I remember the heat of the pavement creating illusions of water ahead of us as we walked.  We were as kids impressed […]

Legends of Myself 96

August 24, 2014


96.  Highway 16, 1961:  Four Ragtags I left school, and the four of us left Prince Rupert, presumably because the money ran out —what little of it my father had after the fire in the Boneyard.  The new digs we retreated to, a block or two away, were more expensive than the Grand.  We couldn’t […]

Unfurnished Lodgings & Twopenny Ropes

December 23, 2011


Sleeping out and down and out in Dickens’ day, as told by Sam Weller. ‘You are quite a philosopher, Sam,’ said Mr. Pickwick. ‘It runs in the family, I b’lieve, sir,’ replied Mr. Weller. ‘My father’s wery much in that line now. If my mother-in-law blows him up, he whistles. She flies in a passion, […]

Swept Out With a Broom

June 28, 2011


My dear sir, … poverty is no vice, that is the truth.  I know that drunkenness is no virtue, and that is even more so.  But destitution, my dear sir, destitution is a vice, sir.  In poverty you may still preserve the nobility of your inborn feelings, but in destitution no one ever does.  For […]

20th Annual Women’s Memorial March–Vancouver–February 14th

February 12, 2010


This posting updated 10 January 2011. ‘Their Spirits Live Within Us.” February 14 Women’s Memorial March for Murdered and Missing Women takes place Monday, February 14, 2010. “This March gives families, friends, community members an opportunity to come together to grieve and remember these beloved sisters, and to remind the powers that be that we […]

News From Gordonville

February 4, 2010


The Olympics are almost upon us.  In commemoration I thought I would  reprint a trio of pieces I did some time ago for the Anti-Poverty Committee. Unhousing the Poor in Gordonville Scrooge made that vital first connection between charity and prisons. Asked to give money for the poor at Christmas, he replied, “Are there no […]