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Legends of Myself 90

July 26, 2014


90.  Brothers I am not fond of guns, and I imagine the incident of the 30-aught-6 and the porcupine is one of the reasons why.  Idlers with guns often made a game of shooting the insulator glass on the transmission poles which ran beside the railroad.  There is something about such a toy which prompts […]

My Murderer

July 23, 2014


Butcher, baker, candlestick maker.  Is there a rhyme that includes “murderer”?  Perhaps not.  But I knew a murderer once, maybe the most reviled and notorious murderer in the community of Canadian letters, Roy Lowther.  He beat his wife—the poet Pat Lowther—to death with a hammer in the summer of 1975, and dumped her body in […]

Will the Climate Deniers Finally Discover El Niño?

July 22, 2014


An El Niño event could seriously damage the denier narrative, unless… Remember 1998?  That was a very good year, as Old Blue Eyes might have said.  It could well be the best, most important year ever if you are a climate change denier.  In 1998 world-wide surface temperatures got so high that it took at least […]

Legends of Myself 89

July 20, 2014


89. The Boneyard, 1961:  Knives, Guns and Porcupines While my father’s work for The Fisherman fatefully shaped my own relation to writing, I was meanwhile—knowing nothing of my future life, and only 11 years old, after all—much more interested in my pocket knife.  It had a black shell handle and a single blade that folded […]

Legends of Myself 88

July 19, 2014


88.  The Boneyard, 1961:  The Return of Canary Yellow I’m not sure where my father got the paper from, though I suspect he bought it all at once, some kind of bargain.  The sheets appeared first holding Shaw quotes on the walls of our room in Prince Rupert.  They were half sized, 5 ½ by […]

T-Rex and the Inner Cartoonist

July 13, 2014


Let me tell you about my inner cartoonist.  He only comes around occasionally, gives me an idea, and goes away, leaving me helpless to do anything about it.  My inner cartoonist can’t draw.  Neither can I.  And honestly, he doesn’t come around consistently enough to make it worth my while to learn a new profession. […]

This Is Me, Back

July 6, 2014


Well, in case you didn’t notice, I have been offline for six months.  I’m finally back, ready to start posting again.  There is a bit of a hitch.  In the course of moving into a new place, my main computer stopped working, stranding what little writing I managed to do over the last six months. […]