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Legends of Myself 103

August 6, 2016


Burnaby, 1961. Astronauts, Magic Pencils and Snowball Fights. Although they dominate, not all the memories I have of Schou School are of the schoolyard.  I remember our teacher bringing his old Edison phonograph into the classroom, and I got my first look at an Edison cylinder, a technology obsolete before my father was born.  Even […]

How I Learned My Place

August 30, 2012


Some windows on a racist education: First Nations Education in the City, Pt. 2 In grade eight I found myself in a remedial math class in Cloverdale.  Because that’s what they do.  They put you in a remedial math class whenever you change schools, and I’d just moved to Cloverdale.  The teacher was asking questions, […]

Aboriginal Education, Yes or No

August 27, 2012


First Nations education in the city, pt. 1 The question got asked, Should we open a school in Vancouver for Aboriginal students?  It became obvious to me right away that it was a question with no meaningful short answer.  There are too many questions and considerations behind that issue which we have to get past […]

European Studies 101

August 11, 2012


This course is a prerequisite to a major in European studies and introduces the student to Europe, its people, its languages, its geography, its history, its rich artistic, literary, musical, cultural and philosophic traditions. The peoples of Europe are heirs to one of the world’s richest and most exciting cultures.  We’ll have plenty to discuss […]

Government Abuse of Aboriginal Children 6: The Failure to Educate

September 6, 2011


In law school I remember studying a case which found that education is not a civil right, merely the exercise of government policy, meaning that government could exercise that policy or not, as it chose.  If that bit of case law still represents the legal situation today, and I don’t know whether it does, there […]

Turtles All the Way Down

July 19, 2008


So who or what designed the intelligent designer?