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A Climate Energy Vocabulary

September 29, 2013


Father Theo goes to climate school 3. Continued from part 1 and part 2. The study of energy flows, which is what climate science is all about, requires a specific vocabulary which I’ll discuss here in part 3 of this basic overview of the science.  Here I deal with measures of temperature, energy and Earth’s energy input. Measuring […]

Energy Flows, Bathtubs and Climate

September 27, 2013


Father Theo Goes to Climate School 2 Climate is all about energy flow.  Energy flows into Earth’s climate system from the Sun, warms the air, water and soil, then escapes again into space.  Conditions on Earth affect the flow.  They can either facilitate or slow the escape of energy into space, which has consequences to […]

Father Theo Goes to Climate School 1

September 19, 2013


Understanding the Climate Change Conversation I went to school online recently to take a very basic climate change course.  I’ve been studying the subject outside of an academic setting for years now.  I thought it was time to listen in on what real experts say about the subject when they have time to be expansive […]

An Ambiguous Death

September 15, 2013


My friend Jo died near the end of last month.  She was the best friend I had while that role was still possible for her.  Long before that she was my wife, and the mother of my daughter Haisla.  She was also my collaborator in a pair of Aboriginal studies courses which we wrote for […]

Why We Eliminated the Death Penalty in Maryland

September 1, 2013


A Message from Governor Martin O’Malley State of Maryland, Office of the Governor Thank you for contacting me regarding your support of repealing the death penalty in the State of Maryland.  As you may be aware, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 276 – Death Penalty Repeal – Substitution of Life without the Possibility of […]