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It’s Not Just Ocean Acidification Anymore: Study

January 22, 2012


CO² Makes Fish Drunk.  Something like 2.3 billion metric tons of human CO² emissions (approximately 2.5 billion US tons) dissolve into the world’s oceans every year.  The dissolved CO² has been demonstrated to form into carbonic acid, which is slowly tipping the ph-balance of the oceans towards the acidic.  The acidification which results has already […]

Too Much CO2 Hurts Crops, Damages Algae

May 10, 2011


Two recent studies about the affect of CO2. Corn and wheat decline under climate change The IPCC predicted an increase in agricultural production in the short run matching the increase of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2, in the atmosphere.  Where other factors are present, CO2 can aid plant growth. However, David Lobell, agricultural scientist from the Stanford […]

Run to the sea, sea it was a-dying

June 18, 2010


O sinner man, where you gonna run to – all on that day –  Old spiritual. I grew up beside a bountiful sea.  I grew up next to waters where, if you dipped in a gill net, the question was not whether you caught your supper, but what your supper would be:  dog, humpback, steelhead, […]

Ocean Acidification: NOAA State of the Science FACT SHEET 2008

June 8, 2010


This document represents the state of the science as developed by several NOAA researchers.  NOAA’s ocean acidification activities include targeted research on changes in the ocean carbon chemistry and pH, impacts on major coastal and pelagic ecosystems and fisheries and socio-economic systems. What is Ocean Acidification and How Does it Affect Marine Species? The oceans […]

A Warning on Ocean Acidification from the European Science Foundation

May 20, 2010


The European Science Foundation (ESF) is an association of 79 member organisations devoted to scientific research in 30 European countries. May 19, 2010 There is growing scientific evidence that, as a result of increasing anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, absorption of CO2 by the oceans has already noticeably increased the average oceanic acidity from pre-industrial levels. […]

More Climate (and Extinction) Notes, May 2010

May 13, 2010


Research by an international team of biologists says 20% of all lizard species could go extinct by 2080 if climate change is not checked. ScienceNow:  Climate change causing lizards to “wink out of existence” The newly-formed British government has appointed a science minister without a science background, but who “has spoken strongly in favour […]

Of Pteropods & Armageddon Timepieces

November 25, 2008


They used to have a doomsday clock, and for all I know they still do.  Every once in a while it would show up in a newspaper article, saying that the doomsday clock during such and such a crisis had edged to seven minutes to midnight, with midnight signifying Armageddon.  The worry then was atomic […]