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Thomas Flanagan, Pundit Propagandist

January 31, 2013


Colonial Propaganda and the Law of Aboriginal Title In his book on the creation of Indian reserves in British Columbia, Making Native Space (2002), Cole Harris writes colonialism is increasingly seen as a culture of domination, a set of values that infused European thought and letters; led Europeans confidently out into the world; stereotyped non-Europeans as […]

Legends of Myself 60

January 30, 2013


60.  Prince Rupert, 1959:  Rest Is a Weapon My stay in Prince Rupert in the summer of 1959 was mostly free of incident, more an establishing shot of a story to be continued later than a story in itself. In relation to my previous stays in town, I was exploring a more downtown view of […]

Legends of Myself 59

January 29, 2013


59. Prince Rupert, 1959: Totem and Capitol Gary Cooper at the Capitol.  Although my return to Prince Rupert brought me to a different part of town, I still regularly climbed the ridge at the back of downtown and over the hill to 8th Avenue where Old Pop lived.  My grandfather had relocated from the left […]

Again Scientists Urge Obama—Reject Tar Sands Pipeline

January 25, 2013


Last year, President Obama postponed a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, a project to ship dilbit, diluted bitumen, and synthetic crude from the tar sands region of Alberta to the US Gulf Coast.  His administration is set very soon to make a decision on whether to allow that controversial pipeline.  Such a decision has been rendered […]

Legends of Myself 58

January 23, 2013


58.  Prince Rupert, 1959:  The Grand Café Goodbye to Spaksuut.  My departure from Port Essington in 1959 was the final one for me.  I stood many times in view of it.  I gazed at it across the river.  But I never again crossed the Skeena while it continued to exist, which was until the mid-1960s.  […]

The Invisible Mr. Polly

January 22, 2013


HG Wells and the aesthetics of science fiction I remember reading somewhere as a teenager that some of HG Wells non-science fiction works, for instance, The History of Mr. Polly were the literary equals of works like The Time Machine, First Men in the Moon, War of the Worlds, and The Island of Dr. Moreau.  […]

About American Empire by Howard Zinn [video]

January 19, 2013


Howard Zinn is the author of A People’s History of the United States, 1492–Present.  You may recall that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon gave the book a cameo in their movie Good Will Hunting.  If you want a fresh way of looking at history–not just the Presidents who created landmark laws but the people’s movements […]