NDP Response to the Robo Call Scandal

Posted on February 27, 2012


I featured the Green Party response to the Stephen Harper Robo Call scandal yesterday.  Today, the federal New Democratic Party have sent a response as well, which I publish below.  Both parties have called for a rigorous investigation and consequences.  

More than thirty ridings have now sent in complaints about this issue.  Will the Stephen Harper’s Conservatives–a party that has positioned itself as tough on crime and law-breakers–listen to Canadian voter complaints and act on this matter?  Not according to the latest words from Stephen Harper himself, alas.

New Democrats on Fraudulent Election Calls


 Thank you for writing. Please be assured that New Democrats share your grave concerns regarding the fraudulent calls made during the 2011 federal election – these dirty tricks have no place in Canadian politics.

As this story unfolds, the growing number of Ridings reporting voter interference shows how wide-spread this action was to disrupt Canadians from exercising their right to vote. Voter suppression is an unacceptable practice that violates sections of the Elections Canada Act and people or parties responsible for these dirty tricks need to be to held to account and charged accordingly.

It is very troubling that the illegal calls have been traced back to RackNine and Responsive Marketing Group (RMG) – companies that worked with the Conservative national campaign and multiple Conservative candidates. It cannot be ignored that these calls were made to voters in NDP and Liberal swing ridings.

I am pleased to report that New Democrat MPs Alexandre Boulerice and Charlie Angus have acted quickly and written directly to the Commissioner of Canada Elections calling for a full investigation. In the letter they emphasize that: “Canadians deserve assurance that their democratic institutions will be protected and those that violate the rules are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If there is anything Parliament can do to help your investigation, you will have the support of the Official Opposition.”

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Again, thank you for writing. Please be assured that New Democrats will continue to speak out on this matter.

Best regards,

Nycole Turmel, M.P.

Interim Leader of the Official Opposition

New Democratic Party of Canada

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