Robo-Call Election Scandal Spreads to 40, That Is, 46, Or Is It 63 Ridings

Posted on February 27, 2012



Defence Minister Peter MacKay says that the Robo-Call Scandal is an “isolated incident” not requiring investigation.  Evidently, the meaning of “isolated” as used by Stephen Harper’s Cabinet Members is a little different from the meaning intended by the rest of us.

The following is a list of ridings—so far—which have made election calls complaints. (Source:  CBC)

LIBERALS had complaints about dirty-tricks calls in these ridings:

1. Sydney-Victoria (NS)

2. Egmont (PE)

3. Eglinton-Lawrence (ON)

4. Etobicoke Centre (ON)

5. Guelph (ON)

6. Cambridge (ON)

7. Hamilton East-Stoney Creek (ON)

8. Haldimand-Norfolk (ON)

9. Kitchener-Conestoga (ON)

10. Kitchener-Waterloo (ON)

11. London North Centre (ON)

12. London West (ON)

13. Mississauga East-Cooksville (ON)

14. Mount Royal (QC)

15. Niagara Falls (ON)

16. Nipissing-Timiskaming (ON)

17. Oakville (ON)

18. Ottawa-Orleans (ON)

19. Ottawa West-Nepean (ON)

20. Parkdale – High Park (ON) (also on the NDP list)

21. Perth-Wellington (ON)

22. Simcoe-Grey (ON)

23. St. Catharines (ON)

24. St. Paul’s (ON)

25. Sudbury (ON) (also on the NDP list)

26. Wellington-Halton Hills (ON)

27. Willowdale (ON)

28. Saint Boniface (MB)

29. Winnipeg South Centre (MB)

NDP had complaints of calls in these ridings:

30. Davenport (ON)

31. Essex (ON)

32. Edmonton East (AB)

33. Elmwood-Transcona (MB)

34. Ottawa Centre (ON)

Parkdale-High Park (also on Liberal list)

35. South Shore-St. Margaret’s (NS)

Sudbury (also on Liberal list)

36. Thunder Bay-Superior North (ON)

37. Windsor-Tecumseh (ON)

38. Winnipeg South (MB)

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro added his own riding to the list:

39. Peterborough (ON)

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said Monday her riding also had false calls:

40. Saanich-Gulf Islands (B.C.)

Other complaints.

41.  Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca (BC)

42. Halton (ON)

43. Kitchener Centre (ON)

44. Prince George-Peace River (BC)

45.  Sarnia-Lambton (ON)

46.  Vancouver-Quadra (BC)

47.  Nipissing-Timiskaming (ON)

48. Don Valley East (ON)

49. Sault Ste-Marie (ON)

50. Mississauga-Streetsville (ON)

51. Kingston and the Islands (ON)

52. Winnipeg Centre (MB)

53. Windsor West (ON)

54. Markham-Unionville (ON)

55. Lac Saint-Louis (QC)

56. Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale (ON)

57. Bas-Richelieu-Nicolet-Becancour (QC)

58.  Oak Ridges-Markham (ON)

59. Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington (ON)

60. Brampton West (ON)

61. Vancouver-Kingsway (BC)

62.  Scarborough Southwest (ON)

63.  Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon (BC)



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