Ethical Tar, Ethical Disconnect

Posted on January 20, 2012


Have you noticed that Conservative talking points about opposition to tar sands oil and pipeline construction are identical to those used by the organization “Ethical Oil”?  (“Ethical Oil,” a newspeak naming that Orwell would be proud of.)  Here’s why.

And you might be interested in seeing Kathryn Marshall on CBC not answer, again and again, whether Enbridge funds the deep pockets of her organization:

And maybe you might be interested in Stephen Harper’s secret meeting with one of the world’s shadiest media tycoons, Rupert Murdoch, prior to Sun Media’s media blitz about “foreign interests” hijacking the environmental agenda in Canada.  (Conveniently ignoring the 130 First Nations in British Columbia, for instance, who have signed on in opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.)

Read about the connections between, Sun Media, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Ethical Oil here: