Equal Say for Aboriginal People on Everything Whatsoever

Posted on November 2, 2013


Why shouldn’t Aboriginal people get the same deal as climate deniers.

Now I have a proposal about the media in British Columbia, and maybe all across Canada.  It’s an equality thing.  It’s a balance thing.  You know the drill.

I think the media should grant equal say between the Aboriginal people and the rest of the population.  50:50.  That’s fair.  Every time a Euro-Canadian (or other kind of Canadian) commentator has a say on a subject, an Aboriginal commentator is scheduled in for an equal say.  Every time there’s a story about other people, there’s another story about Aboriginal people.  Ideally, this policy would  apply across the board, in every form of media.

Newspapers.  Television.  Radio.  Wherever there’s an opinion, there’s a matching Aboriginal opinion.

Picture it.  Wow.  That’s sweet.

Preposterous, you say?  Not so fast.  I call it balance.

The media, after all, already follows an identical policy on the climate change file, perhaps the most important news story of this or any other generation.  For every scientist presenting the consensus view on climate change (you know, the one that’s draining the blood from scientific faces worldwide) the media inevitably brings in a scientist disputing that view.  In news parlance, that’s called “balance.”

What works for Peter, works for Paul.  If that’s media balance, then so is my idea.

97% of all published climate scientists accept that climate change is happening and that it’s human-caused.  2% say it’s not so bad, Jack.  Only 1% deny the view altogether.

That inconsistent 3% gets 50% (or more) of climate coverage in the media.  Why then shouldn’t a group representing 5%—5%, not 3!—of the BC population, the Aboriginal people, not get equal treatment?

It’s an equality thing.  It’s a balance thing.

It fits the media criteria for balance so it’s good enough for me.

Not only climate change deniers should be satisfied with the media.


More Fires Than Mongols: Illusions of Controversy in Climate Change, discussing a study which showed that 97% of all climate scientists accept that climate change is happening and human caused. 

DeSmogBlog: Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility In One Pie Chart shows how very thin the published scientific basis for climate change denial is (and how robust the consensus view is.) 

The Marginal Science of Climate Denial, discusses a study showing that climate denying scientists are very little respected by their peers who usually ignore their work.

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