Deniers-R-Us: Khabibullo Abdusamatov

Posted on March 11, 2012


The climate denier files.  An occasional feature profiling members of the climate denier community, addressing their [1] credentials (most have few or no credentials in climate science or related disciplines; many are retired), their [2] affiliations (many are associated with professional climate denial organizations or petrochemical and related interests or have accepted speaking fees, travel and conference expenses, etc., from these interests and organizations) and their [3] arguments.

Khabibullo Abdusamatov

Russian astrophysicist, born 1940.  No publications in the area of climate science.  No apparent understanding of atmospheric physics.  His descriptions, for instance, of the behaviour of heated gases (that they rise in the atmosphere like helium balloons) do not conform to known observations or understandings.  (In fact, they mix and disperse their energy.)  He argues that changes isolated to Mars’ south pole are indications that the Sun is warming.  Thus, according to Abdusamatov, the warming Sun is also causing warming on the Earth.  He also conversely contends than a cooling Sun in the future will lead to a new cooling period or Ice Age, which, according to statements from him, is what we really have to worry about.

Why Abdusamatov is wrong.

Beyond his cartoon notions of how gases act, Abdusamatov’s interpretations of what is happening on Mars are not accepted by scientists in his own field, some of whom say they do not make physical sense.  His claims about a warming Sun are also not borne out.  The intensity of the Sun can and has been directly measured.  In fact, during the warmest decade in the modern temperature record, the decade which has just past, the Sun has been cooler than usual.

Climate denier activities: 

Signed the Copenhagen Climate Challenge.

Paid speaker at the right-wing Heartland Institute’s Denierpalooza annual climate denier conferences.


Solar temperature graph from Skeptical Science: