The boy who cried wolf again & again

Posted on February 19, 2011


At the end of a terrible winter, a wolf came upon a boy herding sheep.  The wolf knew that it usually was not good policy to steal the human’s sheep, but he was so hungry that he leapt on one regardless.  He heard the shepherd boy crying, “Wolf! Wolf!” but he did not know that the village was feasting that day, which made the villagers slow to respond to the boy.  By the time the villagers came, the wolf had dragged the dead sheep into the bushes.

“Where is the wolf?”

“He’s taken the sheep.”

“You’ve lost the sheep and now blame the wolf.”

A few days later, the wolf was hungry again.  He was now a little bolder than he might have been because of his previous easy escape.  The wolf returned to the boy and his sheep and killed a sheep again.

“Wolf!  Wolf!” shouted the boy.

“That’s the boy who called us out for nothing the other night,” said a man.

“We should go see anyway,” said another.

So they did, but they were slow to do so, and the wolf escaped once more.

“You have lost another sheep,” the wolf overheard, and then he heard the sound of a slap.

After he had eaten his fill, the wolf buried what was left of the sheep and went and gathered together the other wolves.  He told them about what he had found at the village, and how they did not listen to the boy who tended the sheep.

“We shall all be fat,” said one of the other wolves, after he had heard the story.

© 2011 by Theo G. Collins