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The Government Abuse of Aboriginal Children 3 – How residential schools destroyed Aboriginal communities

March 27, 2011


Imagine it. What happened to Hamelin after the children were gone, after the Piper had taken them away? The residential school recruiters, the Indian agents, the RCMP, came year after year and took the children away.  What happened to the communities left behind? Six years you have a child, teach them, nurture them, hold them […]

The Government Abuse of Aboriginal Children 2 – “Killing the Indian” in Residential School

March 27, 2011


The Catholic Church hates Philip Pullman.  They placed a ban on his series “The Golden Compass” and called for a boycott of the movie. They say it’s because Pullman is an atheist, which means that they admit to hating him because of their own religious intolerance.  That’s bad enough, but I think the real reason […]