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Legends of Myself 93

August 16, 2014


93.  The Boneyard, 1961: Mail-Order Fire, and Boots Too The fire in Essington happened near the beginning of summer, as the calendar says, though it is located at no particular time in my own memory of that Boneyard summer.  As the summer progressed, some funds from fishing would have started to come in.  That resulted in […]

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Legends of Myself 92

August 6, 2014


92.  July 5, 1961:  Port Essington Burning Dates are scarce for most of the events in my life.  Nowadays we get a date-stamp when we purchase milk at the store, but the dates I usually assign to matters from my early life are necessarily approximations.  But one day I am certain of is when Port […]

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Legends of Myself 91

August 3, 2014


91.  The Boneyard, 1961: Peter Visits Of course, I knew nothing about my brother Don in 1961.  The only one of Squires’ sons I recall meeting those days wasn’t Don but his brother Peter, who was about the same age as I.  He came to stay at the Boneyard for a few days that summer, […]

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