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T-Rex and the Inner Cartoonist

July 13, 2014


Let me tell you about my inner cartoonist.  He only comes around occasionally, gives me an idea, and goes away, leaving me helpless to do anything about it.  My inner cartoonist can’t draw.  Neither can I.  And honestly, he doesn’t come around consistently enough to make it worth my while to learn a new profession. […]

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This Is Me, Back

July 6, 2014


Well, in case you didn’t notice, I have been offline for six months.  I’m finally back, ready to start posting again.  There is a bit of a hitch.  In the course of moving into a new place, my main computer stopped working, stranding what little writing I managed to do over the last six months. […]

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Legends of Myself 87

December 16, 2013


87.  The Boneyard, 1961:  British Seagulls and Spanish Radio If the rooms above the Grand Café in Prince Rupert had become an unlikely home for me, then the abandoned railroad shack in the Boneyard, where we had squatted the summer before, became by 1961 even more so.  After I completed grade five, that’s where my […]

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