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The Dancing Wall at Cathindos

January 16, 2013


Since the publication late last century of Dr. Borges’ 500 Theses of the Destruction of Cathindos, a generation of scholarship has eliminated some theses and added some others, but really not much progress has been made.  There are yet 500 theses, or more.  A visit to the Dancing Wall, which the more mystical and philosophical […]

Robert Johnson in Hell

December 7, 2012


Three days, three nights Robert Johnson heard the hellhounds outside his window before he died.  Robert howled himself, he barked, sweated and twisted in his bed, until the poisoned whiskey finally brought him down.  In the moment of stillness that was his death, he saw coming in at the door the man from the crossroads. […]

Hacking the Briefcase

August 11, 2011


I have an old leather briefcase which has been lurking about for a decade, unopened.  It has dual combination locks, one of those sorts where you can set the combinations yourself, but those numbers mysterious, lost long ago. I really don’t have much use for a briefcase anymore, but I didn’t like to throw it […]