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Legends of Myself 82

July 22, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 81 82. Hartley Bay and Laxgal’tsap, 1961:  Cockles and Herring Roe When uncles came to call at the house where I was staying in Hartley Bay, quarters and dimes often found their way into the palms of the children living there.  They weren’t my uncles, of course, but somehow that is […]

Legends of Myself 80

July 1, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 79 80. Hartley Bay, 1960:  Teddy’s Smart My father hovered around the Inside Passage a little while after dropping me off at Hartley Bay.  He must have done some more fishing.  The last I saw of our skiff was pulled up on the float at Hartley Bay, the net tangled with […]

Legends of Myself 78

June 12, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 77 78. Hartley Bay, 1960:  Tommy’s Family Hartley Bay is just around the corner from the Inside Passage, perhaps five miles away by boat from a junction with Grenville Channel, sidling around Promise Island—the island which provides partial shelter to Hartley Bay harbour while preventing a direct look at the […]

Legends of Myself 77

May 23, 2013


77.  The People of the Cane The Kitka’ata, like many other Tsimshian, trace their origins to Temlaxham, which was destroyed and its people scattered when the side of Stekyawden Mountain slipped some 45 centuries ago.  There are many stories in-between, but at last the chief ‘Wamoodmłk, seeking a site for a new village with salmon, […]

William Duncan in Metlakatla

May 20, 2013


From In the Wake of the War Canoe by William Collison.   The story of Metlakatla is a quintessentially British Columbia story, which, in the middle of the 19th century, represented the farthest, deepest reaches of the British Empire.  The founding of the community represented an experiment in Christian Utopianism, an experiment that failed, among […]

Meeting the Haida Fleet by WH Collison

May 19, 2013


William  Henry Collison arrived on the Northwest Coast in 1873 to begin work as a missionary for the Church Missionary Society.  He learned Tsimshian while teaching at the Utopian (and totalitarian) Tsimshian community of Metlakatla, which was then under the management of the famous William Duncan.  He also worked with the Nass River Nisga’a at the beginning […]

Legends of Myself 76

May 12, 2013


76. Inside Passage, 1960:  Klemtu Brides Klemtu was once—and I suppose still is—Klemdulxk, which is Tsimshian for “blocked passage.”  There was once a thick forest of kelp to slow traffic in Klemtu harbour. The village has also been called Kitasoo—which I suppose it still is in some households.  That’s Tsimshian for “place of two peoples.”  […]

Legends of Myself 75

May 9, 2013


75. The Inside Passage, 1960:  Traveling South That first night was the last night I spent sleeping under the pup tent in the bow of our rowboat.  I admit I wanted to awaken to more mornings like that first morning in Grenville Channel.  But my father’s long day of rowing out of the Boneyard proved […]

Legends of Myself 61

February 5, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 60 61. The Forgetting of Temlaxham The Sphinx gazes across a short stretch of ground towards the Valley Temple of Khafre, the temple complex built in conjunction with Pyramid Khafre, the second largest of the pyramids at Giza.  When that story was beginning, when that temple complex and that pyramid were […]

Legends of Myself 55

January 8, 2013


  Continued from Legends of Myself 53 55.  Two Stories from Spaksuut My brother Aleck, who was bound to know these things better than I, told me a story which he said belonged to the Wolves of Spaksuut.  By Wolves, he meant Wolf Clan, which I belong to through my mother.  Everybody on the North Coast […]